Creating your own photo story!


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Presentation for ICE 2011

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Creating your own photo story!

  1. 1.  As stated on Millie Furmans website, "Photo Story 3 is one of Microsofts best kept secrets!" Photo Story is a FREE program offered by Microsoft® that allows you to create your very own digital stories! Many refer to it as making your own slide show. I like to move away from the "slide show" wording and simply say your own digital story/movie.
  2. 2. A way to tell a story through images, sound and/or narration.
  3. 3.  Introduce a new topic Share daily events with parentsSocial Studies: Timeline of events Photo story of a historical event Photo story of a historical figureScience Tell about a topic using pictures
  4. 4. Math Have students teach a math concept with images and narrationLanguage Arts The new book report!Health Have students teach the class about health and wellness
  5. 5.  Images Music Narration Sound
  6. 6.  Images can be found in many places. Most students go straight to Google and do a Google image search. Make sure to remind students that they MUST give credit to the owner of the image (cite sources at the end using a credit roll)
  7. 7.  Narration can be recorded right in the Photo Story program! Just make sure you have a microphone!
  8. 8. Once again – make sure you tell your students to give credit to the owner of images, music, sounds that they “borrow” for their projects.Where to find music/sound: CD‟s Online
  9. 9. It‟s easy to find free sounds by visiting --- something fun to teach students is to create their own sounds! To create your own sounds you will need a sound recording/editing program. I use Audacity.
  10. 10.  Make sure you have Photo Story 3 downloaded and installed. n/details.aspx?id=11132 Choose a topic Find images, sounds, etc..
  11. 11.  Download image and sound files from Presentation website: riceindiana2011/home
  12. 12. Unfortunately, Photo Story does not have the option to create a title for your presentation. You can create your own title several ways: Use Paint to create an image Use PowerPointRemember – whatever you create you must save as an image file: jpg, png, gif, etc.
  13. 13.  Open PowerPoint Create the “slide” you wish to become an image Once satisfied – you will save your work
  14. 14.  Click on the MOB (Microsoft Office Button in Office ‟07 and later) or File in versions prior to „07
  15. 15.  Choose Save As:
  16. 16.  Change the file type to either: JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  17. 17.  You will then be asked to save current slide or entire presentation. This is your choice – if you are working with one slide only then choose that – if you have created several slides you wish to turn into images, choose entire presentation.
  18. 18. When you have saved your PowerPoint as animage PowerPoint creates a folder, named thesame as the file name you gave. Inside thatfolder will be your newly created images thatcan be imported into PhotoStory.
  19. 19.  Begin New Story
  20. 20.  Make sure you have already gathered all he images you will be using.
  21. 21.  Rearrange the order Change look Add text Reduce red eye
  22. 22.  Just left click and drag – don‟t let up on the left button while dragging Find where you want it – and drop it in place
  23. 23.  Change the picture to black/white or other neat effects
  24. 24.  Make sure you have a microphone Click on the RED circle and begin recording.
  25. 25. Make sure you save TWO ways:1. Save as a project2. Save as a finished movie
  26. 26.  Upload to your own secure YouTube channel Burn to a DVD/CD for parents/students Post on your school website Load onto computers @ your school Show in your classroom