The Accidental Content Strategist (Gnostyx)


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As a discipline, Content Strategy has been gaining ground steadily. And with this progress has come a new role, that of the Content Strategist. Today, most forward-thinking organizations have come to see that there is a special role to be played by someone who can see the big picture and who can pull together all the specialist contributions to deliver noticeable improvements in how the organization creates and engages its customer community. Given the relative newness of Content Strategy it is not surprising then that most Content Strategists find themselves in this role by accident. This session will look at the phenomenon of the accidental Content Strategist and will do so from the perspective of someone who found himself in exactly this position on many occasions since the very first days of the web. What will emerge from this exploration is a picture of a very challenging role that is becoming a key ingredient in a rapidly changing industry. A particular focus in this session will be placed on the unique challenge that faces the accidental Content Strategist – that of needing to reconcile and integrate an array of technical and creative disciplines in order to achieve a coherent effect that can be sustained and that can evolve amid continuous change.

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The Accidental Content Strategist (Gnostyx)

  1. 1. The Accidental Content Strategist Joe Gollner Gnostyx Research Inc. Content Strategy Workshop Portland 2012 www.gollner.caCopyright © Joe Gollner 2012 @joegollner
  2. 2. Key Ideas @joegollnerThe Content Philosopher
  3. 3. The Intelligent Content Imperative A Global Economy calls for Continuous process improvement Maximized automation Dynamically tailored products Localized delivery & support Reconfigurable supply chains This Demands Peter F. Drucker Standardized parts Only Intelligent Content Flexible & dynamic assembly has a future in this world for products, services & content
  4. 4. XML Behind the Scenes Extensible Markup Language World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Recommendation A simplification of ISO8879 Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) to enable portable web data Massively influential on • Technology interoperability • Electronic data interchange • Supply chain automation • Internet commerce • Social media integration • eBook publishing • Responsive web design… Absolutely Central to the Nature of Intelligent Content
  5. 5. The Fundamental Content Archetype Content is potential information Content is an asset the needs to be managed INFORMATION & reused efficiently Information is an action that needs to be performed effectively Creating information experiences from content CONTENT is called publishing
  6. 6. External Processes encounter Reality Marketing Content for a major automobile makers Discrepancies with technical content led to the manufacturer buying cars back Karl Jung 1875 – 1961 Focused on the observable patterns of behaviour & cultural frameworks Marketing Content
  7. 7. Internal Processes encounter the World Parliament of Canada Public Access Great technical solution & content Then the politicians wanted to curtail openness… Sigmund Freud 1856 – 1939 Looking into the deep sources from which our personae emanate Technical Content
  8. 8. Good Content Runs DeepThe externaland the internalmust be held inbalanceTechnical contentand marketing contentmust be alignedNo matter which sidewe start on,we must venture ontothe other sideAlways more thanwe bargained for… We are all Accidental Content Strategists
  9. 9. The Intelligent Content Lifecycle Model
  10. 10. Intelligent Content Lifecycle Model: Basics
  11. 11. Intelligent Content Lifecycle Components Content Acquisition Creating or converting content to establish the potential to deliver effective information Content Delivery Publishing information products Adapting products to each user’s unique needs
  12. 12. Intelligent Content Lifecycle Components Content Management Formalizing content process activities Facilitating user tasks Content Engagement Incorporating user content contributions Tapping into Social Media to build engagement
  13. 13. Where do we start? A Content Strategy
  14. 14. Intelligent Content Strategy Map
  15. 15. Measuring Content Productivity Returns was previously called “Profitability” & Costs was called “Affordability”. Profitability was problematic….
  16. 16. Intelligent Content Strategy Map: As Is
  17. 17. Intelligent Content Strategy Map: To Be
  18. 18. Intelligent Content Strategy Map: Phases
  19. 19. What Matters is our Plan
  20. 20. The Full Intelligent Content Lifecycle Model
  21. 21. Next StepsPut yourContentStrategy into Action
  22. 22. The Lessons of Galileo
  23. 23. Making ConnectionsJoe GollnerGnostyx Research Inc.www.gnostyx.comjag@gnostyx.comTwitter: @joegollnerBlog: The Content Philosopher