Reason and Passion of XML (J Gollner)


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A presentation that introduces three different approaches that have been used to justify XML investments. Case studies used to illustrate how each model has been deployed. Concludes that business cases should in fact leverage all three models if an initiative is not only going to be approved but will be supported when the going gets tough.

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Reason and Passion of XML (J Gollner)

  1. 1. The Reason & Passion ofJoe
  2. 2. Addressing Multiple Management Perspectives Three Managerial Mindsets The Probable, the Plausible and the Possible Dealing in Probabilities Championing the Plausible Glimpsing the Possible Anatomy of the Ultimate Business Case XML and the Managerial Mind
  3. 3. Key Source: Max H. Boisot Three Epistemologies Correlate with different management mindsets Possible Plausible Probable Entrepreneur Analyzer Visionary
  4. 4. Dealing in Probabilities Analytical Mindset Pragmatic Analytical Financial Geared towards Accumulating experience Improving performance Enhancing predictability Reducing risks Realizing returns Benjamin Franklin Inventor, publisher, scientist, al.
  5. 5. Case Study: Quantifying Savings NATO Joint System Acquisition Programs Integrated Data Environments Modernization of information assets Design information Publications Logistics data Training materials Initiative Orientation Quantifiable improvements Financial savings Improved information use Accelerated update cycles Improved information synchronization
  6. 6. Case Study: Pursuing Concrete Savings Direct Cost Reductions Redundancy elimination Translation savings (due to normalization & process streamlining) Indirect Cost Reductions Exploitation of digital delivery options Print reduction / reduced paper handling & shipment costs Increased outsourcing opportunities / improved competitive pressure Reduction in maintenance errors & inefficiencies Process Efficiencies Collapsed publication update turnaround times Task reallocation to optimal venues (e.g., user generated content) Collateral Savings Shortened training cycles Improved Availability
  7. 7. Case Study: Foreshadowing Current FashionsImplementation of Modular, Reusable Contentat the Canadian Department of National DefenceSaved over $100 Million a year.
  8. 8. Championing the Plausible Entrepreneurial Mindset Innovative Exploratory Risk tolerant Geared towards Seeking coherence Integrating insights Evaluating consequences Performing experiments Extending innovations Richard Feynman Theoretical physicist, master teacher, al.
  9. 9. Case Study: Introducing Major Improvements Major Engineering Conglomerate 50 Operating Companies Global Operations Engineering Construction Project Management Operation Challenge Investments in administrative systems not helping “operations” Needed content services for engineers & project managers
  10. 10. Case Study: Engineering Knowledge Services Expanded enterprise initiative Facilitating collaboration Digital project platforms Standardized interfaces Regulators Partners Clients Suppliers Core Innovation Centering investments on Engineering Knowledge Management Supplanting administration
  11. 11. Glimpsing the Possible Visionary Mindset Unconventional Unexpected Unconstrained Geared towards Reframing contexts Inverting understandings Reinterpreting traditions Modifying languages Challenging beliefs Albert Einstein Game changer...public oracle...
  12. 12. Case Study: The Attraction of Radical Change Metropolitan Optical Networks Management & Optimization Integrated environment combining Hardware, firmware, software Adaptability to client needs Primary feature Software development tools were a constraint & chaos loomed... Undermined by System Barnaclization
  13. 13. Case Study: A Radical Approach – Don’t Code!Core Solution:Replace CASEtools with XMLbased designmodels from whichcode was publishedProject Motto: Outcome:Why code when Completeyou can generate? change in offering
  14. 14. Anatomy of the Ultimate Business Case Benefits must be Addressed to each of the Three Mindsets Probable – quantifiable savings that can be given a present value Plausible – potential improvements that extend current capabilities Possible – innovations that can dramatically change circumstances Each Benefit must be Presented in its proper context Associated with appropriate validation & realization strategies The Mix of Benefits should be Balanced Appropriate to each organization & its context Probable benefits can be used to underwrite less tangible benefits Political Architecture will match Realization Plan to Realities
  15. 15. Case Study: Government Services Portal Existing Portal in Critical Condition Sustaining current services becoming unaffordable Traditional database design applied to complex discovery scenarios Database evolved over time to become “upside down” Portal performance in rapid decline All enhancement requests are rejected System too complex to admit any changes Change Proposal & Business Case Addressing all three levels simultaneously Probable – immediately reduce operating costs to free up budget Plausible – address backlog of enhancement requests Possible – position portal as a model Gov2.0 data source & service
  16. 16. XML and the Managerial Mind Brian Reid offered wise words at Markup Technologies 98 The world always rewards “Skill over Knowledge” This accurately sums up a key management concern XML supports the declaration of knowledge Knowledge is potential (power) & must be converted into action XML tends to provide potential benefits more so than actual ones The resulting business cases can “lose the name of action” XML can be deployed to address short-term benefits and make room for the strategic benefits that come with knowledge that can be acted upon
  17. 17. The Reason & Passion of XML All mindsets must be addressed The most important, perhaps surprisingly, is the Possible Each case study was in fact propelled by a vision The Power of XML Giving knowledge an expression that can be exchanged & executed This fact makes many things possible including The dancing Financial Officer...