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Final 2


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Final 2

  1. 1. Copyright © 2004 The New York Times New York, Sunday, January 31, 2010 Divorce in the United States With the divorce rate in the US at a rising 15%, people must be notified about this growing problem. outs are from fatherless homes. These drop statistics show how much divorce affects children in the home. When a couple steps up to the altar, they begin a new chapter of their life. Both of the people— standing in front of friends and family—say "I do" and promise to stay with each other until the day they leave this Earth. Unfortunately, this promise isn't always kept; marriage isn't taken as seriously as it used to be, which is a new arising problem in the United States. The bible says, "Therefore what God has joined together, let Divorce may put people in bad moods and make man not separate." Mark 10:9 Marriage was them difficult to get along with; this wouldn't be meant to last a lifetime—that’s the way God an ideal situation for the work world to deal wanted it to be. with, either. There is a reason that divorce has become more There are many ways to prevent divorce, but not common; the laws have made it easier to divorce, many couples take the steps to achieve, or even and it's become very inexpensive and convenient. try this. When couples go through counseling With a single signature from the bride and before marriage they have a much lower rate of groom, the divorce is final. Households with divorce. Also, couples that practice their religion parents having two careers have a higher divorce regularly have a much lower divorce rate, rate because of stress trying to organize events, around one to two percent. Marrying at a later solve problems, and have a strong family. age is also a way to help prevent divorce— Sometimes the wife feels that she is responsible women married over twenty-five are the most for more household jobs, and the husband isn't doing any vital jobs around the house. With today’s economy, dual career homes are becoming more common, making this divorce rate rise. Remarriage also contributes to this issue. Studies show that second and third marriages have a better chance of divorce, mostly because people don't wait for the right person to come, and they are too eager to have a partner again. Divorce doesn't affect just the two people directly involved, it affects everyone around them. Especially business partners, parents of the couple, and children. After a divorce, kids are triumphant in their marriage. Having more forced to either split time with their parents, or maturity, more wisdom, and more experience live with one parent—which can feel like helps have success in a long term marriage. choosing sides. This puts lots of extra, unnecessary stress on the kids. Studies say that After reading this article, I hope if you are ever eighty-five percent of children with behavioural considering divorce, you will make sure that it is problems and seventy-five percent of high school
  2. 2. what truly needs to happen, and there is nothing you can do to make your relationship better. -Stephanie Phillips Many people don’t realize—or can’t comprehend —how marriage lasts a lifetime.