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Evergreen Added Content by UPC


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Lightning talk given at Evergreen International Conference 2011

Published in: Technology
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Evergreen Added Content by UPC

  1. 1. Evergreen AddedContent by UPC (half-baked from the hackfest)
  2. 2. Added Content?• Cover Images• Reviews• ToC• (etc)
  3. 3. • Before: Single key passed to AC provider No ISBN? No Added Content• After: Multiple key types may be passed AC provider must support those types• Adding UPC to start -- OCLC num?
  4. 4. Before• OPAC is responsible for: • getting the ISBN • cleaning the ISBN • requesting AC by ISBN• Server-side: • Fetch upstream content
  5. 5. After• OPAC is responsible for: • requesting AC by record ID• Server-side: • Fetch keys (ISBN, UPC) from record • Clean keys and fetch upstream content
  6. 6. Bring the new, hold the old harmless
  7. 7. • Instead of passing ISBN, we will pass /r/RECORD_ID or /m/METARECORD_ID• Old-style /ISBN urls will still work -- if you’re using them elsewhere (we are)• ISBN local overrides will continue to work
  8. 8. Primary Benefit
  9. 9. • Greatly increased coverage for audiovisual materials
  10. 10. [this slide unfortunately left blank]
  11. 11. Added Benefits
  12. 12. • You are no longer an open proxy to your AC provider• You can now do local cover art for things by record ID, instead of having to make up a fake ISBN -- PUPPETS!
  13. 13. Future improvements?• Default cover image for different record types• Try multiple ISBN/UPC values until you get a result• Stack multiple AC providers (e.g. OpenLibrary AND your subscription provider)
  14. 14. Thanks!• Everyone who helped or listened to me brainstorm, especially: • berick • miker • dbs