Embracing Social Media for Success


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Jarrod Goddard, President of Net Shift Media, an online marketing and web design agency in Kamloops, BC, talks about embracing social media for success at the BC Association of Farmers Markets AGM in Kamloops, BC on March 2, 2013.

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Embracing Social Media for Success

  1. 1. EMBRACING SOCIALMEDIA FOR SUCCESS Jarrod Goddard Net Shift Media Inc.BC Association of Farmer’s Markets 2013 AGM
  2. 2. WHO AM I?President, Net Shift Media Inc.Award-winning Internet marketing,website design agency in Kamloopssince 2002 EDDY Award for Innovation & Technology 2004 Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Technology Innovator of the Year 2012
  3. 3. AGENDAINTERACTIVE! Ask questions!Define social media - Not just Facebook & Twitter... not just postingpictures of your dinner, or talking about what you’re doing RIGHTNOW!What is your plan? - What is your goal or objective? What are yougoing to use social media for?Social media channels - What are your options, which channels willyou use and how?Tracking - Briefly review what to track and how to measure your successand grow!
  4. 4. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?Anyway you interact with your community -customers/suppliers/associates/friends/family etc...Evolution of Public Relations(people talk online, less in newspapers) Your Website Forums / Message Boards BlogsNow there are even more options!!
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY! Facebook Pinterest Google Plus FourSquare Twitter Flickr Tumblr Podcasts YouTube Instagram Vimeo Reddit LinkedIn Yelp Delicious MySpace Quora StumbleUpon
  6. 6. YOUR OBJECTIVEWhat is your social media objective?Build your audience, raise awareness, grow community,educate, share resources, generate revenue?Social Media Development Process 1. Build an audience - quickly 2. Communicate with your audience - effectively 3. Measure your success.... GROW!
  7. 7. BUILD YOUR AUDIENCEYou need to build an audience so you aren’t yelling in a room byyourself (biggest mistake we see) Email Marketing / Signatures Facebook Ads / Pay Per Click Ads Word of Mouth / Business Collateral Website / Search Engine Optimization Participate in other communities, get people to talk about you
  8. 8. COMMUNICATEWhat does your community want to hear? Original content News around the web in your industry Photos (events, community...) Videos (presentations, testimonials...)Encourage and reward participation!
  9. 9. FACEBOOKThe ‘KING’ of social media1 billion monthly users 680 mobile users 618 million daily usersYour strategy starts here! People ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘comment’ on your posts
  10. 10. FACEBOOKLeverage all of Facebook’s tools! Build a Facebook Page Run Facebook Ads Promote Facebook Offers Organize Facebook Events Post Photos and Checkin!
  11. 11. TWITTERMicroblogging service140 character messagesUse hashtags to start trends andfollow topics: #bcafmagmLike Facebook status updates... but public anyone can‘follow’ you and read your ‘tweets’ - can include photosFollow trending topics, find out what the world is thinking!Start conversations!
  12. 12. YOUTUBESecond most popular search engine in the worldVideos sharingCustomize your channel‘Subscribe’ to other channelsContent strategy Tours, presentations, walk throughs, demos...
  13. 13. INSTAGRAMSmartphone app, take photosand share online‘Follow’ others like TwitterHas cool filters to apply tophotos, which is why photographershate itBought by Facebook in 2012
  14. 14. PINTERESTShare content ‘pin it’ (has to havean image associated with it)People create ‘boards’ with imagesof links across the webFollow other users and ‘re-pin’ itemsPopular for recipes, fashion, travel,products - heavily used by female demographic
  15. 15. FOUR SQUARE‘Check-in’ to geographic locationsrestaurants, concerts, the mall,farmer’s market?Losing popularity becauseFacebook has ‘check-in’ featureHas great tools for running promotions First 5 people to check-in win a prize If we get 30 check-ins you all get a discount
  16. 16. YELPOnline reviewsReview your products, service,event, business or organizationGreat for testimonials! Get others to talk about you anddirect your users to your Yelp profile
  17. 17. SIMILARITIESGoogle Plus... LinkedIn... MySpace... FacebookTumblr... TwitterVimeo... YouTubeFlickr... Instagram
  18. 18. OTHERSReddittStumble UponPodcastsDeliciousQuoraPodcasts
  20. 20. TRACKINGIf you can’t measure it, you can’t manage itKeep track of numbers of followers, fans, likes over timeMonitor what kinds of content you post and what results those postsearn Photos, time of day, shares, likes, links to resources? Create controversy? discussion? inspire? educate?Monitor response from paid ads in FacebookWork with your web designer to integrate web stats
  21. 21. QUESTIONS?Jarrod GoddardPresident, Net Shift Mediajgoddard@netshiftmedia.comwww.netshiftmedia.comPh: 250.314.0898