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Geez louise!


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GEEZ Louise project

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Geez louise!

  1. 1. 515 – 28th Street Des Moines,
  2. 2. Creating Change through Sisterhood and Feminism
  3. 3. • Feminism• Safety• Honesty• Female responsive programming• Strength-based programming
  4. 4. There is great need for safe places as derogatorystatements, harassment, and abuse occur every day.
  5. 5. The movement for social, political and economic equality ofmen and women
  6. 6. GEEZ Louise offers a variety of opportunities…
  7. 7. • to help support relationships• to talk out issues• to look for solutions
  8. 8. • to learn new skills• to learn from other’s experiences• to form new relationships• to create a sisterhood with other women of all ages
  9. 9. • to find balance• to create wholeness• develop self-confidence• build awareness
  10. 10. • to expand experiences• to learn new things• to participate in social change
  11. 11. • Youth/adult partnership• Feminist Book Club• Alternative Magazine• Lively Conversations• Practice Feminism
  12. 12. • Girls Self-Efficacy Training• Yes, You Can!• Creative Arts/Drama• Self-defense• Communication Skills• Negotiation Skills• Sisterhood Skills
  13. 13. • Tai-Chi• Team Building• Labyrinths• Esoteric Healing• Past Life Regressions• Meditation• Self-Care
  14. 14. • Voice at the Table• Advocacy• Community Awareness Events• Practice Sisterhood Daily• Training/Consultation
  15. 15. • Practice Sisterhood Daily• Donate time and/or money• Visit our website• Attend Community Events• Support the women and girls in your life• Speak out against sexism, racism and homophobia