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Infusing the 5 E Model with Digital Media


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Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate with a Technology Twist

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Infusing the 5 E Model with Digital Media

  1. 1. 5E Lessons toEngage, Explore, Explain,Elaborate & EvaluateJennifer
  2. 2. The 5E instructional model is based on the constructivist approachin which learners construct new ideas on top of old ideas througha variety of experiences. Starting with Engage, learners becomecurious, leading them to Explore collaboratively a variety ofmaterials and activities with guidance from their teacher. Studentsand teachers then move to the Explain stage to communicate keyunderstandings. Finally learners Elaborate by applying theirunderstanding to the world around them. Evaluation is woventhroughout the instructional process. See how technology tools,digital media, and your content can come together under the 5Emodel to energize your instruction.Session Description
  3. 3. • Go to• Enter the code and your name to try the lesson:• High School Health - AIDS: T892C-4527• 5th Grade ELA - Rikki Tikki Tavi - TDCE2-499BTake a look at a5E Discovery Infused Lesson
  4. 4. Activate priorknowledgeCreate interestGenerate curiosityRaise questionsStart a discussionEngage theLearnerFind images or short videosegments to
  5. 5. Observation ChartWhat do you see? What do you wonder?
  6. 6. 3 Truths and a Lie1. The Aztec culture was veryadvanced. We know this becausethey could write in pictographs.2. The Aztecs often made humansacrifices to their gods.3. The Aztec emperor position washereditary, or passed down fromfather to son.4. The inhabitants of the Aztecempire had to pay very high taxes.The Aztecs
  7. 7. What do you know about Poe?Identify the Lie1. An alcoholic, Poe’s fatherabandoned his family, leavingthem in a state of poverty.2. Poe’s mother died at the age oftwenty-four from tuberculosis.3. The Raven, Poe’s first great poem,resulted in acclaimed success andsubstantial wealth.4. Tuberculosis claimed the life ofPoe’s wife at the age of twenty-four.
  8. 8. Create shared experiencesDevelop conceptsEncourage collaborationAllow for manipulation ofmaterialsContinue the discussionExplore the ConceptUse a variety of resourcesand a “jigsaw” method to
  9. 9. Using Graphic Organizers
  10. 10. Use Driver/Navigator in Pairsto Explore an Interactive …
  11. 11. 11Assigning Content to ExploreAssign a ResourceAssign a Content FolderAssign a Quicklist
  12. 12. Formally introduce new terms,definitions and labelsBuild upon prior knowledge andshare experiencesProvide opportunity for learners toput concepts in their own wordsLook for explanation andunderstanding of conceptsExplain the Conceptand Define TermsUse a variety of resources and a notetaking/accountability method to
  13. 13. Vocabulary Scavenger HuntTell me when to pause!• encounter• native• fertilize• colonist• befriend• inhabit• displace• unfamiliar• pilgrimPilgrims FoundPlymouth Colony
  14. 14. Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt• immensely• valiant• mournful• scornful• scuttle• cower• reviveUse Transcript Feature
  15. 15. Vocabulary JournalWord Definewrite in yourown wordsExampleuse in asentenceSketch
  16. 16. Vocabulary ChartWord Quotefrom TextSketch Definein your ownwordsStrategyContext CluesWord StructureAppositionExampleuse in a sentence
  17. 17. Elaborate on the ConceptAllow students to be creative byGiving opportunities toapply the concept inunique situationsGiving related ideas toexplore and explainAllowing students tointeract and createConstructing a deeperunderstanding
  18. 18. Choose a role to play from the Boston Massacre: Loyalist,Patriot, or British Soldier. Use your understanding about theBoston Massacre to write an I am poem from the perspective ofyour person. The poem should begin and end with “I am…”I am…I feel…I need…I fear…I hope…I am…Create an I Am PoemThe BostonMassacre:Facts andFiction
  19. 19. Tons of Tools for Creativity!
  20. 20. Evaluate Students’Understanding of Conceptcontinue to elaborateon understandingevaluate what theyknow what they haveyet to figure outtakes place throughoutall phases ofinstructional modelAssess students with high techtool or low tech tools to
  21. 21. Evaluate with a DE Quiz
  22. 22. Evaluate with a Writing Prompt
  23. 23. Evaluate withSocrativeTeacher has account which allows themto ask questions, create quizzes, oradminister an exit ticket for instantfeedback.Students join teachers class usingroom number to answer questions,complete an exit ticket, or take aprebuilt quiz.Downloadstudent app or goto website:m.socrative.comJoin my classwhen prompted7396
  24. 24. 5E Lesson Reflections• In the ______ step I noticed that…• In the ______ step I wonder how…• In the ______ step I enjoyed…
  25. 25. Use the AssignmentBuilder
  26. 26. First Step: CollectingContentAdd to QuickListAdd to My Content
  27. 27. Second Step: CreateAssignment
  28. 28. Save into My Content
  29. 29. Use Sections
  30. 30. Provide Instructions
  31. 31. Add Resources
  32. 32. Add Web Links
  33. 33. Assign to Class or ProvideURLTwo ways to assign fromBuilders
  34. 34. • Go to• Enter the code and your name to try the lesson:• High School Health - AIDS: T892C-4527• 5th Grade ELA - Rikki Tikki Tavi - TDCE2-499BTake a look at a5E Discovery Infused LessonCreate one of your own!