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Jeremy Gilbert - Public Bio


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Jeremy Gilbert - Public Bio

  1. 1. Jeremy  Gilbert   Product  innova-on   and  business   development
  2. 2. My  personal  credo   To  improve  the  world     by  leading  companies     that  unlock  human  poten8al  
  3. 3. My  value  proposi8on     Extreme  entrepreneurial  energy     4  startups  in  founder  role,  $5-­‐8M  in  investor  value  created     Startup  &  Fortune  500  business  strategist     Expert  business  problem  solver  and  strategist,  3  years  @  McKinsey  &   Company     Seasoned  BD  &  innova8on  professional     Successful  at  professionally  driving  the  new  product  lifecycle  from   concepHon  -­‐>  design  -­‐>  build  -­‐>  go-­‐to-­‐market  -­‐>  first  sale     Solid  engineering  &  management  skills     B.A.  in  computer  science,  14,000+  hours  in  soQware  design  and   construcHon,  expert  Agile  development,  J2EE,  Perl,  EJB,  SMTP,  C/C++,  Linux,   PHP     Expert  navigaHng  the  healthcare  /  medical  value  chain     6+  years  of  diverse  strategy  and  execuHon  experience  in  payor/provider,   med.  tech,  informaHcs  and  pharma  for  both  startups  and  McKinsey’s   Fortune  500  clients  
  4. 4. 15-­‐year  journey  from  code  to  innova8on  leadership   Code  slinger,  soQware  architect,  project  leader   Entrepreneur  &  product  creator  in  health  tech  and  mobile   MBA,  MIT  Sloan,  Student  body  co-­‐president     McKinsey  Strategy  Consultant,  focused  on  healthcare     Next Thing™ Key  roles  in  innova8on  and  health,  and  technology  
  5. 5. Front-­‐line  experience  across  4  startups  spanning  11  years,  crea8ng  ~$5-­‐8M  in  investor  value   Company   My  role   Life  lesson  learned   Co-­‐founder     MarkeHng  can  be  more  important   (1996-­‐1999)   than  the  technology   $150K  acquisiHon   Co-­‐founder,     “Know  thy  enterprise  buyer”   VP-­‐Eng   (2000-­‐2009)   $450K  acquisiHon   SQ Co-­‐founder,     Extremely  smart  people  can  be  10   GO inventor   years  ahead  of  their  Hme   (2002-­‐?)   Springboard Founder,  CEO,     Value  created  ≠  value  captured   Informatics prod.   (2003-­‐2008)   strategist   ~$5M/year  in  sales  @  1-­‐2X   revenue  mulHple  
  6. 6. Broad  exper8se  in  go-­‐to-­‐market  in  healthcare  Case  example:  Launching  a  disrupHve  medical  imaging  device   CLIENT  DETAILS  DISGUISED  Assess   Determine   Test  against   Es8mate   Create  diagnosHc   providers  &   mulHple   adopHon     business  plan  pathways   reimbursement   markets   rates   and  roadmap  Fetal  heartbeat   PCP  –  $140M   USA   Value  Cath.  guidance   Cardiologists  –  $15M  Labor  &  delivery   ITA   OB/GYN – $65M   Enablement  Premium  dx   Urologists  -­‐  $10M   FRA  AAA  screening  LVH  in  hypertensives   Hospitalists  -­‐  $35M   Reimburse-­‐ment  CHF  exacerbaHons   ICU  -­‐  $18M   U.K.  RUQ  pain   ED  –  $52M   ESP  Flank  pain   Surgeons  -­‐  $5M  Hemodynamic  mon   EMS  –  $85M   GER  Ovarian  tumors  Triage  for  echo  Neonate  murmers    Physician     Review     In-­‐country     Examining     Create  pro-­‐ interviews   medical   workshops   historical   forma    Site  visits   literature   paqerns   projecHons   for  10  years     Public   databases  
  7. 7. Extensive  experience  leading  the  innova8on  lifecycle  Case  example:  ConcepHon-­‐to-­‐sales  of  Sapphire  Biobanking  ($5M/year  revenues)  Learn   Envision   Build   Commercialize  3  months   6  months   12  months   18  months    Understand     Dream  big     Supervise  and     Define  external   needs  by  donning     Conceive   project  manage   value  proposiHon   the  lab  coat   universal   team  of  16     Join  field  reps  as   distributed    Document  and   approaches  for   quota-­‐carrying   developers   discuss   seemingly   specialist   disparate     Re-­‐priori8ze    Explore  the     Convince  buyers   exisHng  market   scenarios   features   with  passion,   constantly     Iterate  and  refine   experHse  and   with  pilot  users     Approve   personal     Author  150+  page   technology   persuasion   architecture   specificaHon   decisions  
  8. 8. 14,000+  hours  in  soware  engineering     =  100  hours    Apple  ][  Basic  at  age  7   Pascal,  C,  Fortran,   MacOS  API,  UNIX    High  School:  Quant   shell  2,900 programmer  for  GMO,  $28B  1983-­‐1994   equity  hedge  fund    Brandeis  University,  B.A.   Java,  Perl,  Linux   kernel  hacking,  C,   Computer  Science:  Magna   SQL,  UNIX  2,200 sum  laude,  Recipient  of   administraHon  1994-­‐1998   Michtom  Prize    6+  years:  Architect  /  leader   ApplicaHon   frameworks,  J2EE,   for:  CVS/Pharmacy’s  $30M   Hibernate,  EJB  2.0,   relaunch,  2  startups,  BBN   Perl,  XML,  SOAP,  7,300 technologies,  Ardias,   RPC,  C++,  SMTP,  1998-­‐2006   numerous  others   Oracle    14.2K I go toe-to-toe with developers and effectively lead large teams
  9. 9. I  have  tackled  very  complex  soware  design  problems…  Case  example:  Created  an  applicaHon  server  architecture  from  scratch   ACTUAL  DOCUMENTS  Problem:  How  do  we  deliver  mulH-­‐million  dollar  HTML  e-­‐commerce  soluHons  quickly  and  with  a  few  developers  as  possible  –  in  1998?    My  Role:  Lead  soQware  product  architect  An  applica8on  server  with   A  customized,   Data-­‐driven  HTML  forms  meta-­‐data  driven  object   innova8ve  class  loader   that  are  100%  event-­‐based  persistence   that  arranges  codes  into   discrete  layers     Before HTML is generated, the After all processing is concluded, The previous SIDs data is RequstCycle asks the shared written to point to the StandardControl the EventManager and Root ISA memory store for a new objects are serialized and written temporary ID. Serialization ID for the next Framework Exception Core Application StandardDisplayNode Welcome to UAMS. There is no Root to the data store under a new, one logged in. request. This SID is emited as temporary ID Temp IDpart of the response to the client, ISA SID Exceptions ISA ISA built during rendering. Session Please Log In: Root::User RS ISA Root::User::Login Temp ID Element::Text User: Jeremy SID Root EM PW: Foo StandardFormElement Shared Memory Store Exception Core Application WebApp Information about OK ISA the current user Shared Memory Store ISA FormControl Shared Memory Store Exceptions is aggregated here, in Root::User. Element::FormControl::Text ISA ISA SID TID Exception Core Application Element::Button UAMS Less More Ring Ring Exceptions Pointer to TID Real Session State Each class defines a search path in the package space for other related classes; e.g., the installed Exception object defines a path UAMS Application & Replication Utilities including instantiable exceptions in the UAMS, WebApp and Framework trees. Update Observation Web Request Server Web Application GUI Persistence Process Logic Framework PAS Framework NSAPI Oracle Perl Perl Modules HTTPD Result:  Very  complex  workflows  can   UNIX be  implemented  with  low  chance  of   defects  within  weeks  
  10. 10. What  I  prac8ced  at  McKinsey  in  a  nutshell..   Confidently  solve  extremely   …  and  communicate  and   dynamic  business  problems   act  on  the  right  answer   in  the  face  of  uncertainty     How  can  we  grow  our     Create  compelling  business   product  revenue?   cases  that  win  investment     How  do  we  fend  off     Align  teams  and  clients   compeHHon?   around  a  concrete  plan  of   ac8on     How  do  we  launch  a  new   product?     How  to  create  belief,  as   well  as  understanding  
  11. 11. Geographically  diverse  exposure  to  biotech,  healthcare/IT  and  medical  devices    Boston:  Mobile   tech,  medical     India:  Generics   devices,   manufacturing,   pharmaceuHcals   IT  off-­‐shoring    Rhode  Island:     China:  Vascular   CVS/Pharmacy   medical  devices    New  York/NJ:     Thailand:   Pharma,  Med   Medical  tourism   devices,  clinical   diagnosHcs    RTP:  PaHent   services    Chicago:     Phoenix:  Biobanking     UK,  France,   Medical  imaging   for  Mayo  Clinic   Spain,  Italy,    San  Francisco:     San  Diego:  Biobanking     Germany:   Summary:   VirtualizaHon     Rio  &  Sao  Paulo:   Medical  imaging   Exposure  to  10+   soQware   Vascular  medical   healthcare  systems   in  over  20+  ciHes   devices  
  12. 12. Soundbite   I  am  mulH-­‐talented  player  w/  serious  business  and  technology  chops     Start  up  chops:  Created  ~$5-­‐8M+  in  investor  value  via  co-­‐founding  roles  in   4  tech  startups  since  1996     Seasoned  BD  &  innova8on  professional:  Successful  at  professionally   driving  the  new  product  lifecycle  from  concepHon  -­‐>  design  -­‐>  build  -­‐>  go-­‐ to-­‐market  -­‐>  first  sale;  MBA  from  MIT  Sloan  w/  cerHficate  in   Entrepreneurship  &  InnovaHon     Exper8se  naviga8ng  healthcare  value  chain:  6+  years  of  diverse  strategy   and  execuHon  experience  in  payor/provider,  med.  tech,  informaHcs  and   pharma  for  startups  and  McKinsey’s  Fortune  500  clients     Real  technical  grounding:  B.A.  in  computer  science,  14,000+  hours  in   soQware  design  and  construcHon  since  the  age  of  7,  CTO  roles  on  mulHple   startups,  acHve  J2EE  &  Perl  programmer,  recipient  Michtom  Prize  
  13. 13. Key  creden8als:  MBA  and  B.A.  Computer  Science   MBA   Michtom  Prize  for  Outstanding   J.V.  Cunningham   MIT  Sloan  School  (2008)   Achievement  in  Computer   Award  for  Excellence   Science  (1998)   in  WriHng  (1996)   Seley  Scholar  -­‐  MIT  Sloan’s   Phi  Beta  Kappa  (1998)   B.A.  Computer  Science,   highest  merit  award  (2008)   Brandeis  University,   for  leadership,  academics  and   summa  cum  laude  (1998)   community  contribuHon