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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities: Some Tips of Presentation Skills


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Data Driven Societies
Digital & Computational Studies
Bowdoin College
April 30, 2014
Professor Gieseking

Lecture Slides "Some Tips on Presentation"

Published in: Education, Business
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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities: Some Tips of Presentation Skills

  1. 1. Some Tips on Presentation Skills Jack Gieseking Bowdoin College
  2. 2. Show it in images. Say it in words. Presenters-SlideShare.aspx Proper citations are essential (Again) visuals over text Balance subtle with wow
  3. 3. •Draw (literally) out your ideas first •Main text needs to be 28 point font minimum •Choose fonts to match tone •Lean towards easier to read sans serif fonts (versus serif) •Make sure you don't spelll thingz rung The Slide about Slide Design Simple is best.
  4. 4. •If your images do not have titles/legends, place titles/ legends on the slide •Be consistent (e.g. résumé style) •Do not over rely on effects •Borrow from other slide designs The Other Slide about Slide Design
  5. 5. •Do not imply; state it, e.g. “This is important because…” •To convey importance, connect to both the personal and the political •Play to your strengths as you develop presentation styles •Remember that you are the expert Presentation Skills
  6. 6. Order of a great presentation: 1. tell them what you are going to tell them 2. tell them 3. tell them what you told them Presentation Skills Really.
  7. 7. Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 •List Your •Key Takeaway •Point(s) Here Label. Tool used. Label. Tool used. EXPLANATORY TITLE THAT IS NOT TOO LONG AND THEREFORE RIDICULOUS Your Name