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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities 2014 - What is DataViz 01/29/14


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Data Driven Societies
Digital & Computational Studies
Bowdoin College
January 29, 2014
Professors Gieseking & Gaze

Lecture Slides "How We Make Sense of Data in Visualization"

Published in: Education, Technology
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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities 2014 - What is DataViz 01/29/14

  1. 1. Data Driven Societies: From Data/Tech to DataViz Professors Gaze & Gieseking
  2. 2. Data & Technology & Statistics, Oh My History of data and technology + Data visualization Statistical thinking
  3. 3. Visualize This “...there are right ways and wrong ways to show data; there are displays that reveal the truth and displays that do not.” — Edward Tufte, Visualizing Explanations (45)
  4. 4. The Beginnings of Data Visualization: William Playfair
  5. 5. Tufte: Snow’s Cholera Map 1854
  6. 6. Tufte: Challenger O’Rings 1987
  7. 7. Tufte: What is Bad DataViz? ✦ Disappearing legend ✦ Chartjunk - visual elements in charts and graphs not necessary for their comprehension ✦ “Chartjunk indicates statistical stupidity, just as weak writing reflects weak thought. ... Good design brings absolute attention to data.” (48) ✦ Lack of clarity in depicting cause and effect ✦ Wrong order
  8. 8. Yau: Visualization as Medium
  9. 9. Yau: Visualization as Medium Patrick Smith, 2010
  10. 10. Tufte & Yau: What is Good DataViz? Tufte Yau Certain key rules must be applied: You may need to throw out the rules but these ideas generally apply: ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ Place data in appropriate context to assess cause/ effect Make quantitative comparisons Consider alternative explanations and contrary cases Assess possible errors in data ✦ Let the type of visual and tool fit question ✦ Visualization is storytelling ✦ Entertainment and humor can be helpful ✦ Let data guide design ✦ Recognize how interface interactions with data