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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities 2014 - The Search Engine & the Search for Privacy 2/12/14


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Data Driven Societies
Digital & Computational Studies
Bowdoin College
February 12, 2014
Professors Gieseking & Gaze

Lecture Slides "The Search Engine & the Search for Privacy"

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Bowdoin: Data Driven Socities 2014 - The Search Engine & the Search for Privacy 2/12/14

  1. 1. Data Driven Societies: The Search Engine &
 the Search for Privacy Professors Gaze & Gieseking
  2. 2. Big Data & Privacy (recap) ✦ Ethical research ! ✦ Data sample and data access ! ✦ Defining big data, defining privacy…
  3. 3. Searching the Engine / for Privacy ✦ Filter bubble, machine learning, privacy ✦ Team exercise on blog posts ✦ Begin lab ✦ Quiz
  4. 4. Algorithms: the good, the bad, & the (supposedly) ugly
  5. 5. On being captain of your own destiny Filter bubble - predictive engines that use machine learning to constantly create and refine an idea of who you are, what you do, and what you will do next (Pariser 2011) ! Machine learning training a computer to recognize patterns ! Girl-in-the-bubble photo by Mike Renlund used under a Creative Commons license.
  6. 6. Testing the Filter Bubble Go to & login (if you have one). Under Your Account, choose Recommendations for You. Does what you see represent *you*?
  7. 7. Defining Privacy In US Constitutional Law, the right of people to make personal decisions regarding intimate matters. Under the Common Law (from courts/legal decisions), the right of people to lead their lives in a manner that is reasonably secluded from public scrutiny. In statutory law (from regulations/laws), the right of people to be free from invasion of privacy such as unwarranted drug testing and Electronic Surveillance.
  8. 8. Care to know more?
  9. 9. Next Class: Feb. 17 ✦ Today: filter bubble, machine learning, privacy ✦ Blog comment: type up your notes from your presentation of your peer’s post today as a comment (2-3 paragraphs) ✦ Readings: Donovan, Odewahn, & Golbeck ✦ Next class: ✦ private/public ✦ networks 101 ✦ lab & quiz follow-up