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Learn and grow in the tech world - #DjangoGirlsMadrid 2018-11-17

My personal story when I started programming, and 6 lessons learned during those years:
1. Find your references
2. Learn online
3. Create personal projects
4. Participate in Hackathons!
5. Nobody knows anything
6. Programming is NOT only for geniuses

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Learn and grow in the tech world - #DjangoGirlsMadrid 2018-11-17

  1. 1. Learn and grow in the tech world Jorge Ferreiro @jgferreiro
  2. 2. Learn to code is hard? @jgferreiro Who do think that...
  3. 3. To code you must be a genius? @jgferreiro Have you ever heard...
  4. 4. Today's takeaways ● My story. ● 6 lessons learned. ● Action plan Gift at the end :)
  5. 5. Jorge Ferreiro 23. Software Engineer @Eventbrite. I'm passionate to build projects on the internet
  6. 6. About Me Professional Academic Personal projects
  7. 7. My Story @jgferreiro
  8. 8. ● I started when I was 10: curiosity and need to build a personal project. How did I start coding? 11 years ago of this...
  9. 9. ● My friends didn't understand me hehe. ● I found my references out of the high school. In the high school…?
  10. 10. ● Parental control. ● Limit access to internet. ● Programming for me is: Find the way to jump obstacles. The situation that helped me to find my to make a living :)
  11. 11. The project that made me see things in a different way... ● I launched Music4deejays when I was 17. Just for fun. ● 56k downloads #shocked
  12. 12. Programming is free, and improves or change people's live. You can make an impact to the world from your home. Why am I passionate about programming? @jgferreiro
  13. 13. 6 Lessons Learned @jgferreiro (That I wish someone has told me before)
  14. 14. Find your references @jgferreiro 1
  15. 15. ● People who have already done what do you want to do. ● It offers you a guide and an inspiration. Find people that inspire you @jgferreiro
  16. 16. Learn online (but choose carefully) @jgferreiro 2
  17. 17. Infinite resources… Thanks internet! ● Do not learn only what is fashionable. ● Ask people with experience (Quora, Redes Sociales). ● Compare courses, choose carefully where to spend your time.
  18. 18. Create personal projects @jgferreiro 3
  19. 19. Why personal projects? ● Immersive experience and face directly real problems (no theoretical stuff). ● They give you an objective, #purpose. ● Share with the community and learn from their feedback. @jgferreiro
  20. 20. @jgferreiro example Goals/achievements: Learn Phonegap, Launch first Android app, ProductHunt, working with Angy.
  21. 21. Participate in Hackathons! @jgferreiro 4
  22. 22. 5:30 AM. Amazon... Internal Hackathon @Amazon
  23. 23. Hackathon en las oficinas de Linkedin en California.
  24. 24. Hackathon en las oficinas de Linkedin en California. Yes... This is a hackathon: Pizza, sleep in banks and have a lot of fun!
  25. 25. ● Mentoring ● Connections ● Clear goals, eg: ○ Create a project in 24 hours. ○ Learn React, Javascript … Why a Hackathon? Check: @jgferreiro
  26. 26. Nobody knows anything @jgferreiro Socrates 5
  27. 27. Nobody knows anything ● Learn to re-learn. ● Don't be afraid to say "I don't know it". ● We are eternal apprentices. Your best tool is to be curious and ask questions @jgferreiro
  28. 28. Programming is NOT only for geniuses @jgferreiro 6
  29. 29. ● Myths: ○ "Programming is for extraordinary people", ○ "This is impossible". ● Learn as you need it, and don't feel overwhelmed when things don't work out. Programming is not only for geniuses @jgferreiro Programming is about practicing, being curious and knowing how to handle frustration when things do not work out.
  30. 30. Action Plan After Django Girls @jgferreiro
  31. 31. ❏ Find 2 or 3 references that you're passionate. ❏ Create a mini project (web, etc). ❏ Join a hackathon. ❏ Go to a technical programming event and ask a question. Action plan
  32. 32. Gift!
  33. 33. @jgferreiro
  34. 34. Nobody knows anything
  35. 35. Thanks a lot! @jgferreiro