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Frey jisc digifest 2014

  1. 1. Science Ajar The future of research: are you ready? Jeremy G. Frey ProfeChem 15 March 2013 Jisc Digifest
  2. 2. Jisc Digifest11/03/2014
  3. 3. Intelligent Open Access to Data 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  4. 4. mediated Much of Science is a “long tail” enterprise Traditionally mediated asynchronously through the literature 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  5. 5. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Methods are as important as the data
  6. 6. THE NARRATIVE What is the story? What is the why? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 6
  7. 7. Faraday’s laboratory notebooks are also remarkable in the amount of detail that they give about the design and setting up of experiments, interspersed with comments about their outcome and thoughts of a more philosophical kind. All are couched in plain language, with many vivid phrases of delightful spontaneity…. Peter Day, ‘The Philosopher’s Tree: A Selection of Michael Faraday’s Writings’ 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Scientific Narratives
  8. 8. RESOURCING 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  9. 9. Talk Themes • Co-sourcing • In-Sourcing • Out-sourcing • Net-Sourcing • Open Sourcing • Single-Sourcing • Crowd Sourcing 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  10. 10. IDCC 2014 Meeting San Francisco 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  11. 11. The samples you need may already be available 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  12. 12. Subversive and furtive sharing & exploitation of data in virtual space RDF OAI Taxi E- user Labs Digital Repository Data 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Some projects need large amounts of data from the literature: access can be an issue
  13. 13. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  14. 14. DISSEMINATION IS PART OF THE RESEARCH Bringing dissemination in to the lab… use and re-use of data… the digital research notebook 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  15. 15. Smart Tea Project 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest P2 - Plans & Provenance
  16. 16. MoreTea: Tablet Interface and RDF World 11/03/2014
  17. 17. LabTrove: Easy Communication Images and sketch commenting Highly inter-linked report
  18. 18. Digital and Physical Worlds
  19. 19. Electronic Laboratory Notebooks ELNs Comparison with traditional paper notebooks Communication Collaboration Sharing Linking Curating • Higher Quality Record • Natural linking to data and external resources • Easier Collaboration • Improved planning • Improved discussions • Efficiency gain in production of presentations/reports • Change the nature of Professor/Student interactions Impact on researchers 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  20. 20. Open Notebook Science • Certainly not always the way to work! – IPR, Commercial, long term projects, recognition issues, etc • But – Makes connection much easier if the data and processes are “Open” – Easy to export & access of “Linked-Data” 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. W. Edwards Deming
  21. 21. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest LabTrove Open Notebooks Mat Todd’s PZQ Project
  22. 22. Validation • Increasing the value of data • How to bring all the necessary information together to enable appropriate validation • Increasingly difficult & expensive to achieve • Need provenance and context • Essential step otherwise just a collection of items 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Publication@Source
  23. 23. This is a picture – why has the data been lost? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  24. 24. Unavailable Information • Not just lots of data but why are many of the structures unpublished so certainly unavailable? • The E-Crystals and E-Bank Project looked at how to address this issue • Is making data available the same as depositing a copy with someone else? 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  25. 25. BACK TO PLANS & PLANNING 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  26. 26. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 27 “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” Unknown (possibly Yogi Berra or Manfred Eigen)
  27. 27. P&E Ontology: Planning • Prospective provenance • Describes a scientific experiment that will be enacted (in the future) • Three entity types: – Plan – Plan Stage – Plan Object 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  28. 28. P&E Core Ontology: Enactment • Retrospective provenance • Describes a scientific experiment that was enacted • Three entity types: – Run – Stage – Object 29 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  29. 29. 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest Graph/Network provides intuitive navigation
  30. 30. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM LEGO 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  31. 31. Change in the whole way we design and build 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest 3D Printers: A radical change to the experimental section of a paper!
  32. 32. Thanks & Acknowledgements • UK e-Science & Digital Economy Programmes • RCUK: EPSRC, BBSRC & TSB, JISC/ HEFCE, Microsoft & IBM, for funding and support • Southampton Colleagues and Students from Chemistry, Electronics & Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, iSolutions and the Library • Colleagues at Bath/UKOLN, Oxford/OeRC, STFC, Reading, Penn State, Cornell, PNNL, UNSW, USyd 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest
  33. 33. Trust me Mort - no electronic communications superhighway, no matter how vast and sophisticated, will ever replace the art of the schmooze Thank you for listening 11/03/2014 Jisc Digifest