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Maker Education Workshop


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Slides for #ISTE2016 full day maker education workshop.

Published in: Education
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Maker Education Workshop

  1. Maker Education: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  2. @JackieGerstein “I don’t do teaching for a living, I live teaching as my doing . . . and technology has amplified my passion for doing so.”
  3. I like: ➢ Developing new learning activities and curriculum ➢ Trying and testing new things in my classroom with my learners (of all ages) ➢ Hearing and searing how the learners interact with these new things ➢ Using hands-on, whole body-whole mind learning activities ➢ Controlled chaos . . . where all learners are doing something during instructional times
  8. ➔ Theoretical Background ➔ First Make: LED Name Tags ➔ Frontloading with a SEL Focus ➔ Second Make: Circuit Stickers ➔ First Reflection: Maker Reflection Board Game ➔ Goals for Next Make ➔ The Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy of Maker Education ➔ Third Make: Toy Take Apart and/or Soldering ➔ Documenting Learning ➔ The Mindset of a Maker Educator Self Assessment The Maker Educator LED Poster ➔ Taking It Back: Implementation Strategies ➔ Resources
  9. Theoretical Background
  10. School for Hackers: The do-it-yourself movement revives learning by doing. When a kid builds a model rocket, or a kite, or a birdhouse, she not only picks up math, physics, and chemistry along the way, she also develops her creativity, resourcefulness, planning abilities, curiosity, and engagement with the world around her.
  12. Maker Education and Experiential Education
  13. MAKE STEAM: Giving Maker Education Some Context
  14. Disclaimer - today’s workshop is about the process. You may struggle or not finish a project. That’s okay!
  15. The First Make: LED Name Badges
  17. er-education-and-social-emotional-development/
  22. Critical reflection is an active, conversive, dialectical exercise that requires as much intellectual work as does every other aspect of the learning process. In reflection, all the learned material can be gathered about, sorted and resorted, and searched through for greater understanding and inspiration. saturday
  23. A recent research study published via Harvard Business Review concluded that: ● Learning from direct experience can be more effective if coupled with reflection-that is, the intentional attempt to synthesize, abstract, and articulate the key lessons taught by experience.
  24. A recent research study published via Harvard Business Review concluded that: ● Reflecting on what has been learned makes experience more productive.
  25. A recent research study published via Harvard Business Review concluded that: ● Reflection builds one’s confidence in the ability to achieve a goal (i.e., self-efficacy), which in turn translates into higher rates of learning.
  27. Some Making Reflection Questions
  28. Was I resourceful in terms of finding information, resources, and materials?
  29. Did I accept failure as part of the process and use it to inform my learning?
  30. Did I approach learning as an open- ended process; open to new & all possibilities?
  31. Did I try to either make something better or create something new rather than just copy something that already exists?
  32. Did I ask other people for feedback and information; to collaborate?
  33. Did I share my work and findings with others?
  34. Did I play and have fun?
  35. Did I learn something new?
  38. Second Make: ➢Soldering and/or ➢Toy Hacking
  39. Pedagogy
  40. Heutagogy
  41. Talk About It Talk About It
  42. Write about it. Write About it.
  43. Sketch it Sketch it.
  44. Take a photo or create a video about it Take a photo or create a video about it
  45. Tweet (or snapchat or Facebook) about it. Tweet or snapchat or Facebook or Instagram about it.
  47. Being a Maker Educator often requires developing a new mindset, new roles, and new skills as an educator.
  48. -
  50. Are you a lead learner? Do you model the processes of learning with your learners?
  51. Do you create a safe environment for your learners – where they feel safe enough to take risks?
  52. Do you give learners the time and resources to build personal relationships and PLNs – both face-to-face and online?
  53. Do you suggest and provide resources to help learners become independent with their projects?
  54. Do you help learners with assessing, developing, creating, revisiting, revising?
  55. Do you help learners learn about new technologies?
  56. Do you set up the conditions for learners to get feedback about their projects?
  57. Do you help to normalize ambiguous problem finding and solving; of failure as iterative?
  58. Are you a tour guide of learning possibilities? Do you show learners some possibilities and then get out of their way?
  59. Which of these roles do you want to focus on in your own teaching?
  60. Make an LED Enhanced Poster - The Educator as a Maker Educator
  61. Make an LED Enhanced Poster - The Educator as a Maker Educator
  62. Strategies for Bringing Maker Education Back Home
  63. Resources