Automatisieren Mit System Englisch[1]


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Automatisieren Mit System Englisch[1]

  1. 1. The wayto Automate Simply intelligent welding.
  2. 2. High volumes are automated using robots, Robot welding is usually the first thought for the subject of automation. A robot is certainly the first choice when a complex joint has to be welded repeatedly or large quantities of a workpiece must be produced. For this reason, we already have the “Ready to Robot” solutions from Lorch for modern robot models. For a small to medium-size specialized industrial welding company, a robot is not necessarily always the best solution for automating welding tasks. The smaller the batch size to be produced and the more frequent the change of workpiece, the less economic the robot solution is.for small and medium welding tasks, there is the automat ion solution from Lorch.Welding automation integrators think in terms of robot technology and always think of largevolumes. Welding machine manufacturers think in terms of machines and the needs of themanual welder. Nobody has yet thought of the flexible small to medium volumes of the SMEcompanies, which concern themselves with automation for the first time and could earn alot more money if a suitable solution would be available. This is not without reason becausethe requirements for an automation solution are also extraordinarily high here. It needs tobe flexible, fast to retool, easy to operate and at the same time be profitably right from thestart – even for small batch quantities. Now there is the solution and no reason to waitany longer. Automate Now! Because LorchAutomation provides you with a comprehensiveautomation system and a cost-effective solution for your welding task.
  3. 3. ✓ Maximum quality ✓ Reduction of subsequent work ✓ High reproducibilityThe benefits are the same,with one difference:LorchAutomation is already profitable with batch sizes up from 15 pieces.Cost-effectiveness is not only a matter of how long the welding process actually takes,but mainly how long it takes to prepare the equipment or a robot for this welding task.If there were only a few hundred or even only a handful of parts to weld, using the handtorch seemed to be and often was quicker and more cost-effective. This is now a thingof the past. LorchAutomation can be adapted to the task easily with a few settings.This pays off for each individual order and creates additional capacity for more orders.
  4. 4. Simply intelligent welding.Because automation is not rocket science but simply a matter of selecting the right system. LorchTurn LorchBase LorchPower LorchFix & Pos LorchQ-Sys LorchFeed LorchControlModular construction Perfectly matched Extremely fast Individually Real short Easy-to-usekit system components implementation expandable changeover times operating conceptWith LorchAutomation, you need not One must set the tone. The LorchControl Install machines, connect to each other, To be honest there are some truely special Automating small batch sizes economically The Lorch “3 steps and weld” operating conceptpurchase a system with components and conducts the automation orchestra switch on, ready to start. The automation is applications which we cannot cover for often changing tasks; that is the also applies to the automation.functions that you will probably never use. perfectly. Every module – whether the set up for operation within a very short completely with our system construction challenge and the changeover time is the 3 steps to achieve weld perfection:Cost-effectiveness for us means that you turntable, power source or pneumatic slide time. We call this “Plug & Weld” and means kit. For this reason, we have purposefully critical factor. No time must be wasted. 1. Select workpiece diameteronly pay for what you really need for the axis – knows its role precisely. All interact the end of tinkering for you. You concentra- designed our automation solution as an The system perfectly supports each step. 2. Specify welding speedautomation of your welding task. Therefore, perfectly together and receive their te immediately on the essentials, namely open system in which other components All settings can be made quickly and 3. Adjust welding power sourceyou can configure your automation package commands from the control unit via the perfectly automated weld seams. can be integrated – even at a later date. precisely. The Tiptronic job memory in the Time-consuming pre-tests no longer exists.from the Lorch construction kit exactly in LorchNet bus system. Whatever the You can achieve real results within hours LorchAutomation is able to take into power source and LorchControl is extreme- The preparation of the system is a matter ofaccordance with your requirements and welding process, whatever the components of putting it into operation. We do not know account special application requirements ly helpful. The welder has prepared the minutes and the handling afterwards is childs‘add to it at any time with additional module – everything which belongs together comes of any other system that can proof this. so that you can achieve the best individual system for the present welding tasks in the play for every operator: Insert work-piece,components. together here. solution for yourself. shortest time. press button and the welding process starts.
  5. 5. Trust is good.Our Control is better.LorchControl. Head of the system andyour cockpit for optimum welding results.As it should be: one press of the Start button is The best thing about the LorchControl is that it issufficient and the welding process starts. so simple to operate. Whether MIG-MAG or TIG.The torch moves into position via its pneumatic 3 steps to achieve weld perfection:positioner, the gas flows, the power source 1. Select workpiece diameterincreases the power up to the starting current, 2. Specify welding speedthe arc is ignited and the welding current flows. 3. Adjust welding power sourceThe turn-table and cold wire move immediately, All other parameters are determined automatical-just at the right moment. The welding process ly. Using the Tiptronic job memory, even the finehas been put into operation and now runs tuning for 100 different workpieces, can be storedfor exactly as long as is necessary in order to and called up at any time for a fast changeover.complete the weld seam including the criticaloverlap area for circular seam welding. After-wards, the components retract from the productin exactly the correct order and at the rightmoment, in the defined presence of post shieldinggas the welding process is ended – the result:a perfectly automated weld seam.It sounds somewhat self-evident, however,it is not. In order to ensure that the componentswork optimally together, a controlling head isneeded which gives the commands. The Lorch-Control provides this. All processes up todiagnostics and error handling are coordinatedhere. The heart of the system is the automaticparameter handling, which regulates the processcompletely automatically.Simply intelligent welding. LorchControl
  6. 6. UniquePlug & Weld.LorchNet. The cable for all components.Simply plug in. The connection is made.What has become standard for your PC is often Your benefit: Maximum reliability, extremelythe starting point for tinkering for automated fast set-up and an absolutely easy exchange ofwelding. Often weeks and even months passed singular modules due to the compatibility of theuntil the different system components could LorchAutomation system. Install them, connectrecognize each other and mutually exchange and them and you are ready to start. You concentrateunderstand communications signals. Months of immediately on the things with which you reallyfine tuning were required until everything works earn money – perfectly automated weld seams.perfectly.For this reason, so that this does not happen toyou, we have developed LorchNet. From atechnical viewpoint, LorchNet is a modern buscoupling system: a digital data highway withstandardized communication. This connectionprovides all Lorch industrial welding machinesand components with signals and guaranteesthat they understand each other perfectly. Theresult is “Plug&Weld” and ensures for theautomation that the left hand knows what theright hand is doing.Simply intelligent welding. LorchNet
  7. 7. For perfect lap times.LorchTurn 50 and Turn 100. The endurance at hletes for optimum circular welding.With absolutely constant rotation speed. Guar antees for outstanding seam quality. Turn 50 Load capacity 500 N (50 Kg) Turntable ø 300 mm Hollow shaft ø 30 mm Min. / max. speed 0,8–10 rpm Swivel adjustment 0–90° infi nitely variable manual adjustment Turn 100 Load capacity 1000 N (100 kg) Turntable ø 300 mm Hollow shaft ø 30 mm Min. / max. speed 0,4–5 rpm Swivel adjustment 0–90° infi nitely variable swivel gear adjustment BaseThe strength of our athletes for perfect most modern three-phase technology turn table for its task. The tracker used is the maintenance-free, non-contact sensor use of long workpieces. The backing gas is The “Base” is the foundation of thecircular welds consists of the constancy and provides the necessary physical aspects of spring-loaded and compensates for guarantees the exact reproducibility of each also supplied through it. A LorchTurn is small turn tables and all of the respon-precision of the lap times – the highest the turn tables. The ideal welding position workpiece tolerances or workpiece changes start position. Because each fluctuation built for the demanding rigorous use: sible components for the fi xing of thedegree of difficulty for this discipline. They is facilitated by the infinite swivel adjust- caused by heat. Clamping levers facilitate would deteriorate the weld quality and the universal, modular, well thought out and workpiece and torch.have the necessary power reserves, a long ment from 0 to 90 degrees. A face-plate easy fixing and provide the necessary production would be unusable. The three- with excellent quality.service life and are totally reliable – lap for with a centering groove provides optimum holding. The amply dimensioned welding jaw chuck made of special cast iron meanslap. A specially developed vector-regulated positioning of the workpiece. current connection is well enclosed, that weld spatter can‘t stick. In addition, afrequency converter combined with the The variable workpiece holder supports the protected against dust inside the turn. And standard hollow shaft is required for theSimply intelligent welding. LorchTurn
  8. 8. Always brought into position correctly.LorchFix & Pos. Everything finds exactly the same welding position. Again and again.Supported mechanically or pneumatically.The perfect apparatus for fast basic adjust-ment of the torch position must providemaximum movability. As varying as theworkpieces it holds, the positioning possibi-lities must also be as flexible.On the one hand, movabilty and on theother hand absolute rigidity during thewelding process are the important criteriahere. Due to its height and length adjust-ment options, like the hand wheel for easyadjustment and the swivel gear whichincreases the working radius of the stand,“LorchFix&Pos” provides an easy to usesystem with maximum degrees of freedom.Everything can be adjusted and fi xed witha minimal use of tools.The clamping levers at the adjustmentpositions provide the necessary rigidity LorchSupport provides the fine positioning of the torchduring the welding operation. Mechanical supports Pneumatic support Base 300 mm 100 mm Using the Base, all reference axes remain stable to each other and the torch guide Spring-loaded support can be swiveled out of the working area 200 mm immediately. The movement free space for easy removal and re-loading of the with workpiece is produced. A magnetic stop provides 100% repeat accuracy. 100 mm touch rocker And you decide the working location of sensing your automation with the fork-lift truck. wheel ball 50 mm trackerSimply intelligent welding. LorchFix & Pos
  9. 9. Completely flexible.Firmly fixed.LorchFix. Can be moved like your wrist.For 360° torch position freedom.LorchFix takes over the fine adjustment of the temporarily as well as all common machine torches.torch using the supports. The adjustment Thus resulting in maximum reliability for yourspindles help for the exact adjustment of the torch production. Simple aids ensure that the torch canposition. Whether you work with 2 or 3 coordi- be put back into exactly the same position afternates, a pneumatic slide axis or even if you would cleaning or replacement of wearing/consumablelike to use a spring-loaded weld guide – every- parts. And this with the minimum possible settingthing interlocks perfectly. up time and maximum reliability of the system.The stable universal joint provides maximumflexibility for adjustment of the torch and isfirmly fi xed in the correct position using theassociated clamping lever. The welder hascertainly found the ideal torch position in theshortest time – no other system is so flexible.The torch clamp with prism sleeve has anextraordinarily large fi xing range. Should yourtorch fail, even a standard torch can be usedLorchFollow weld tracking systemNot every workpiece is perfect. Some could also not even beexactly round. The spring-loaded “LorchFollow” weldtracking system with its sophisticated mechanics for constantspacing between torch and workpiece ensures that a perfectweld is always achieved.Simply intelligent welding. LorchFix
  10. 10. Heavy duty tasks?You’re welcome.LorchTurn 500. For loads up to 500 kg.The large turn tables from Lorch.Our heavyweight champions are required whenit is a matter of large loads. The strength and loadcapacity are the biggest but not the only dif-ferences to the Turn 50 and Turn 100. The infin-itely variable swivel adjustment is performed byoperating a hand wheel. If required, an electricmotor is also available for convenient adjustment.The solid basic structure is designed for transportwith a lift truck or forklift and also ensures thenecessary stability to the stand arm for the torchbracket.Support blocks which can be adjusted for heightprovide the necessary support for long parts. Theworkpiece can be safely placed on them and turnsin the speed of the turntable. Turn 500 Load capacity 5000 N (500 kg) Turntable ø 740 mm Hollow shaft ø 295 mm Min. / max. speed 0,08 – 1,0 rpm Swivel adjustment 0–120° infi nitely variable using hand wheel or motorSimply intelligent welding. LorchTurn 500
  11. 11. Weld qualitycompletely in view.LorchQ-Sys welding data monitoring.Quality management made easy.The quality of your weld seam is the best visiting It is specified in the survey program whichcard of your company. One reason to always keep process factors will be recorded. This makes itan exact track of it. LorchQ-Sys permanently possible to store the welding parameters of eachdisplays the process parameters for you and production series in a database and also theregisters changes in the current flow immediate- corresponding numbering of the workpieces toly. Deviations critical for quality can be displayed enable tracability of the quality of your productsand recorded during welding production. Weld at any time. This means absolute transparencyfailures, even if they are still small, will be for you and your immediately; the Q-Sys raises the alarm The Q-Sys is absolutely incorruptible andand the production run is rescued. unbeatable in its discipline irrespective of whichWith this quality manager for monitoring parameters you wish it to monitor.welding current, welding voltage, cooling and allother specifications from the welding instruc-tions, mass batch failures are a thing of the past.This saves time and money.The welding process is documented with 100%attention. Workpiece by workpiece. Due to thecomplete integration in the Lorch automationsystem, no additional costly external measuringsensors are necessary. LorchNet provides allthe needed data in real-time from the internal LorchQ-Sys 2010sensors of the Lorch welding power source.There is also a software package for externalcomputers included for each machine.It enables the creation of survey programs, theevaluation of the data and the archiving of thewelding results.Simply intelligent welding. LorchQ-Sys
  12. 12. You have the choice. We have the appropriate process. MIG-MAG or MIG-MAG-pulse TIG or TIG with cold wireMIG-MAG for demanding automaters Perfect TIG automationThis concerns output. Real productivity. And practically everything is right for the The new welding dimension: SpeedPulse Whoever welds with TIG knows why. objective. The weld quality is unbeatable. Both as DC version for ideal steel, stainlessAnd countless more meters of weld seam. new Lorch S-series and P-series: in the S and SpeedArc in the P synergic Perfect appearance is important. A “must” Achieved with operation which cannot steel and copper welds as well as in the AC/Whether MIG-MAG or MIG-MAG pulse. easiest “3 steps and weld” operation, increase welding power and welding speed for all quality welds. And whoever auto- be surpassed for simplicity due to the DC version for perfect aluminium welding.The welding machines from Auenwald have top weld quality and, of course, also the with simultaneous perfectly controllable arc. mates TIG is on the search for the perfect “3 steps and weld” operating concept and Whether with or without cold-wire feeder.already set the standard in the past for speed. New! From the inventor of the MIG- weld. Whoever then uses the Lorch V-Series which impresses many thousands of You are welding in the Champions Leaguecost-effective, practical welding. MAG TwinPuls®. or also the mobile T-Series has reached his welders in the whole world again and again. here.Simply intelligent welding. LorchPower
  13. 13. Precise andserved ice cold.LorchFeed. The TIG cold-wire feederautomates the wire feeding operation.Perfect cold-wire feeding is required when SynchroPulse, where the wire feed is pulsedcreating filling volume is the task in automated synchronously with the pulse of the weldingTIG welding in order to bridge gaps and compen- current of the Lorch power source. This ensuressate for material tolerances. The LorchFeed is ideal filler wire introduction and outstandingused here and provides superior TIG quality with weld pool control.absolute precision. The “3 steps and weld” operating concept alsoThe Feed has a completely digital controller, a provides easy handling for the Feed andtachometer-regulated feed motor and a 4-roll the Tiptronic provides sufficient job memory.precision feeder for the exact wire delivery forthis.There are many possible uses because the Feedcan, along with its role as a completely integratedpart of the automation system, also be used as a“standalone” solution for manual welding.Extremely helpful thereby: the synergy functionensures automatic wire feed correction in thecase of changes in the welding current. Forthe use in automation the operating command iscompletely taken over by the LorchControl.Amongst others, the Feed is impressive due to itsSimply intelligent welding. LorchFeed
  14. 14. Technical data Practical case:Control 1.2 Welding high quality automotive tuningMains voltage V 230Mains frequency Hz 50/60Mains connected load max. kVA 2,3Mains fuseMains plugPower outputs A W 16 Shockproof 250/750 components.External peripherals Pneumatic feed apparatus | Welding current source actuation Forming gas valve | Monitoring contacts | Blowout valveTurn rotary tilting table Turn 50 Turn 100 Turn 500Load capacity N (kg) 500 (50) 1000 (100) 5000 (500)Turntable ø mm 300 300 740 (opt. 1000)Hollow shaft, free passage ø mm 30 30 295Min. / max. speed rpm 0,8 –10 0,4–5 0,08–1,0Swivel range 90° 90° 120°Swivel adjustment Manual Swivel gear Swivel gearMax. welding current A 400 400 400 (opt. 800)Controller Control 1.2 Control 1.2 Control 1.2Fix tube clamping systemHandling weight Max. kg 6 6 6Action radius Max. mm 1000 x 1000 1000 x 1000 1000 x 1000Spindle element feed stroke 500 mm 265 265 265Spindle element feed stroke 1000 mm 765 765 765Tube diameter ø mm 50 50 50/60BaseLoad capacity max. N (kg) 3000 (300) 3000 (300) —Dimensions mm 500 x 600 x 420 500 x 600 x 420 —Feed cold-wire feederFeeder speed m/min 0,1–6 (opt. 0,5-20)Drive /feeder 4 roll | tachometer-regulated motor | digital speed feedbackPulse frequency max. Hz 5Mains voltage V 230Mains frequency Hz 50/60Mains plug ShockproofQ-Sys welding data monitoringMains voltage V 230Mains frequency Hz 50/60Mains plug ShockproofDimensions mm 260 x 170 x 160Supports Tasks as we like them:Pneumatic mm 100 Welding TIG in combination with the LorchFeed cold-wire feeder. Every year, this Lorch systemManual mm 50/100/200/300Spring-loaded mm 0–50 Sensor heads variants: Wheel | Rocker | Ball roller welds approx. 60,000 shock absorber casings of many different designs, which correspond to about 90 tons of rust-free chromium nickel steel. Approx. 1.5 tons of welding wire are used withinSupport blocks the process. Overall, the work batch sizes are between five and 200 pieces which totals more thanLoad-bearing capacity kg 500 100,000 welds annually. 100,000 welds which previously had to be produced by hand. Now theBall rollers height adjustment mm 430–710 welders turned into pilots and operate the system and are responsible for its correct configuration.PU rollers height adjustment mm 525–805 The skilled welder is no longer required for the higly repetitive production. He can now deal withSteel rollers height adjustment mm 525–805 more challenging welding tasks. 1,500 hours of annual capacity are now available for additional welding orders. We call this genuine productivity.
  15. 15. LorchAutomation. Solutions for small and medium welding tasks. Lorch Headquater: Lorch Schweitechnik GmbH D 71549 Auenwald, Germany Im Anwnder 24 – 26 T. +49 (0) 7191.503.0913.0800.0/2 01.09.1. Subject to technical changes and printing errors. F. +49 (0) 7191.503.199 Lorch United Kingdom: Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd Unit 15, Littleton Drive Huntington, Cannock Straffordshire, WS12 4TR T. +44 (0) 5600.494.599 F. +44 (0) 1543.577.756