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What is a business model


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What is a business model

  1. 1. What is a business model?
  2. 2. Discuss with your neighborwhat a business model is andwrite down your definition
  3. 3. Which elements did youmention when you defined abusiness model?
  4. 4. What is a business model really?“a business model describes the rationale of how an organizationcreates, delivers, and captures value”A. Osterwalder, et al.“the plan implemented by a company to generate revenueand make a profit from operations. The model includes thecomponents and functions of the business, as well as therevenues it generates and the expenses it incurs”Investopedia“The word youve entered isnt in the dictionary.”Merriam-Webster
  5. 5. One example tellsmore than a thousand words
  6. 6. Business model only for startups?•  No!•  Ecosystem might be different, principles are the same§  New product or service within existing company§  License your technology§  Release open-source software package§  Etc.
  7. 7. “Business model: a singlediagram that describes yourbusiness”“Business plan: a documentinvestors make you writethat they don’t read”Steve Blank
  8. 8. §  Cover page and ToC§  Executive summary§  Business description§  Business environment§  Industry background§  Competitor analysis§  Market analysis§  Marketing plan§  Operations plan§  Management / team§  Financial plan§  Attachments andmilestonesBusiness Plan Format
  9. 9. Questions?