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Mosaic tessellation ppt


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mosaic ppt modified for students working on tessellation bas relief

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Mosaic tessellation ppt

  1. 1. MOSAICS
  2. 2. You will be creating a bas relief in the manner of a MOSIAC. <ul><li>You will learn how Romans made mosaics </li></ul><ul><li>Plan and Design your own Mosaic in teams focusing on directed subject matter. </li></ul><ul><li>Make a mosaic using cardboard cut outs on a cardboard backing. Work may be be painted to add color. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Roman Mosaics Romans lived in houses called VILLAS . The floors and walls of these Villas were decorated in elaborate MOSAICS. MOSAICS showed everything from scenes of everyday life, to fantastic images from Roman and Greek MYTHOLOGY . Many Romans believed that more colorful MOSAICS would show people how wealthy they were.
  4. 4. How Romans made Mosaics First, an expert Mosaic maker would draw a plan of the design and pattern. You will also be drawing out your mosaic to scale and planning out the color scheme before you cut anything out.
  5. 5. The mosaic maker would then add small pieces of tile to the plaster. The tiles are laid according to the design. When the mosaic was finished it would be polished. Why do you think they would polish the mosaic?
  6. 6. These are actual ROMAN MOSAICS.
  7. 8. How to make a mosaic - Task 1 Planning and Execution You will work in teams drawing out your ideas. Tessellation packet will be reviewed and tessellation will be designed by each team. Tessellations must be at least 2-3 levels high. You will sketch your chosen design to scale and plan out colors for every tile included. The sketch will be traced and you will cut out the individual pieces, tracing them onto cardboard to be cut. Tiles will then be painted/cut out of colored cardboard. Using photo copies and carbon paper, design will be traced onto painted backboard. Tiles will be glued into appropriate spots.
  8. 9. When finished, work will be put on display as a piece of “site specific” sculpture. “ Chat Cards” including a title, artist names and a brief description will hang with the work. The entire high school will become a virtural gallery as all Art I classes are engaging in some kind of relief project to display in the school. Task 2
  9. 10. Wrap Up Once all pieces are hung, a “gallery walk” will occur during class so all work may be viewed.