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Incubation Orientation


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FOSS4GE Topic Talk

Published in: Software
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Incubation Orientation

  1. 1. Incubation Orientation Starting something spatial
  2. 2. Welcome Jody Garnett Community Lead @jodygarnett Boundless A complete GIS platform for Desktop, Server, Mobile and cloud. Powered by proven open source components, commercially supported to ensure quality and ease-of-use. Open Source Projects • GeoServer, GeoTools, uDig Open Source Geospatial Foundation • Board Member, Incubation Chair • GeoTools Project Officer • Marketing Committee (new recruit) Eclipse Foundation • Steering Committee • Technology Project 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 2
  3. 3. Empower everyone with open source geospatial • OSGeo is a not-for-profit software foundation • Provides projects financial, organizational and legal support • Outreach and advocacy • Promoting global adoption of open source geospatial technology • Partnerships on open approach to standards, data and education. • OSGeo is a volunteer driven • Passionate membership of individuals from around the world. 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 3
  4. 4. Open Geospatial • Working with our partners: • Open Source: a collaborative approach to software development. • Open Data: freely available information to use as you wish • Open Standards: avoid lock-in with interoperable software • Open Education: Removing the barriers to learning and teaching 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 4
  5. 5. OSGeo Incubation Starting something spatial 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 5
  6. 6. Software Foundation • We are responsible for • Supporting our great collection of projects • Fostering new talent and innovation. • OSGeo supports projects • Technically with community of their peers • Socially with community building and outreach • Professionally ensuring each project is governed in a fair and sustainable manner 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 6
  7. 7. OSGeo Community Community projects are asked to: • Technical - be Geospatial! • Social – use an open source license • Fair – be open to participation describing how volunteers can “commit” to the project. Community projects are often smaller, exploring new ideas or just building their community. 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 7
  8. 8. OSGeo Projects OSGeo projects have demonstrated: • Technical improvements, user documentation, documenting their release process. • Social growth showing collaboration with users, an open community with clear transparent communication • Fair governance clearly documenting how contributors can take part with leadership drawn from a number of organizations for sustainability 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 8
  9. 9. How to Join OSGeo Community Project 1. Email to incubation list • Introductions, discussion 2. Review • GeoSpatial • • 3. Done • cross link websites OSGeo Project 1. Incubation application • create a ticket 2. Find a mentor • Start with incubation list 3. “Incubation Process” • mentor to answer questions • can be quick, often slow 4. Complete Checklist 5. Graduation • incubation à osgeo board 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 9
  10. 10. May the Source Be with you From your friends at Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  11. 11. Supported by sponsors world wide 3 August 2017 Open Source Geospatial Foundation 11