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Study skills success edu 309 sp 15

A collective project to present different study skills, methods, and techniques for students.

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Study skills success edu 309 sp 15

  1. 1. Study Skills for Success A Collaborative Presentation by Students in EDU 309
  2. 2. Welcome to our Study Skills presentation! We will look at different methods students can use to help organize and process information. Click on the title of each slide for more information! Introduction
  3. 3. Active Learning image source:
  4. 4. Test Anxiety: You can P.A.S.S.
  5. 5. Learning as a Student-Athlete or Student- Performer Image Source:
  6. 6. Time Management
  7. 7. Having Fun Effectively Image source: Wikipedia-play (activity)
  8. 8. Effective Study Habits
  9. 9. Effective Habits for Effective Study
  10. 10. Making and prioritizing a task list
  11. 11. Memorizing using Acronyms r- news/memorization- techniques.html
  12. 12. Studying With Notecards
  13. 13. Library vs. Internet Image
  14. 14. Procrastination procrastination/#sthash.Tb2fhWFA.dpbs
  15. 15. Conclusion As you can see, there are many different aspects of studying and study skills. The resources provided here can serve as a starting point to build your own personalized learning regime. Best of luck as you work towards study skills success!