Lvm cis17 2w4 online class how to sign into sam


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Online Class - how to sign into SAM for the first time.

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Lvm cis17 2w4 online class how to sign into sam

  1. 1. Student Getting Started Guide*Updated December 2011 to includeinformation on Integrated DigitalBook/MindTap Reader
  2. 2. *1. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.2. Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).3. Enter to visit the SAM 2010 login page.
  3. 3. *Your username and password will be sent to you via email.Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields,and click the Login button.
  4. 4. * Username already existsIf you have tried to enter ausername which alreadyexists within CengageLearning, you will beprompted to confirm yourpassword.If you are unable to retrieveit by using the “Forgot yourpassword?” link, you willneed to create a newusername to used withinSAM 2010.
  5. 5. *If your institution is using the key codeversion of SAM 2010, you will enter yourkey code here. This will be found inside the flap ofthe SAM 2010 package (card) you purchased with yourtextbooks. If you do NOT see this message, pleaseproceed to the next screen.Click Save to go to the next screen.NOTE: This 18-digit code is case–sensitive.
  6. 6. *The SAM TERMS andCONDITIONS will display.Read them fully, and thenclick the I Agree button toaccept the terms andconditions and continue.If you click I Disagree, SAMautomatically exits.
  7. 7. *You will be prompted to enter a new password and asecret question.Write down your password so you don’t forget it!
  8. 8. *You should now see the SAM Home screen, where you will begin each SAMsession. If the necessary Flash Player (v10) is not yet installed on yourcomputer, click the links under Software to install it.(Check with your instructor first; this may already be done for you.)
  9. 9. *In order to see your SAM Assignments, you need to be enrolled in a Section (class).From the Home screen, click the Join a Class link. You can also click the Sectionsbutton (left navigation bar), then the Join a Section button. To Join a Section, click the name of the section in the “All Sections” list on the left. Click the right arrow button to move it into “My Sections” and click Save.
  10. 10. *To begin your SAM Assignments, click My Assignments (from the Home tab) or SAMAssignments (left navigation). You can sort based on Assignment name, type ofassignment, due date, and more. Simply click on the column heading to re-sort thetable.Click on the name of the assignment (it should be a link) to get started .
  11. 11. If your instructor has decided to also use the SAM Integrated Digital Book/MindTap Reader in yourclass, please review this slide. If this is not a part of your class, please disregard and skip to thenext slide…Click My Assignments (from the Home tab) or SAM Assignments (left navigation). Sort based onAssignment Type, and select Reading to view the Integrated Digital Book chapters your instructorhas made available to you.Click on the name of the Reading, and a new window will open…bringing you to the first page ofthe digital book. Besides just reviewing Readings, you will also be able to watch embeddedvideos by simply clicking on the video image, and take notes using the Note Pad app (see arrowon the right-hand side of the screen).
  12. 12. * Download (or Save) SAM Complete Submit for ReviewAssignments Instructions Project grading grades and Start Files
  13. 13. *After you clickthe link to thename of theSAM Projectsassignment,you will wantto download orsave theInstructions &personalizedStart Files toyour desktop orother location(USB drive,MyDocuments,etc.) We will get to the submission information later.
  14. 14. *
  15. 15. *Some Start files willbe completely blank(Word example) orpartially completed(Excel example). Besure to follow all ofthe steps in theinstructions andSave your file onceyou’re completed.
  16. 16. *When you’ve completed your project and saved it onefinal time, you will revisit the SAM site and Browse foryour file, then Submit it for auto-grading.
  17. 17. *This is an example of what the Downloaded File will include,after it’s graded.*Go to Reports, then change the dropdown to DownloadSubmitted Projects and click on the name of the Project todownload. Exception: Access results available as Study Guideonly.
  18. 18. *This is an example of the project w/the embedded comments aboutwhat was performed incorrectly, with the specific step number torefer back to.
  19. 19. *To begin a SAM exam, click thelink from your SAM Assignmentspage.Review your assignment details:(which may include)•Instructions•Time limit•# of chances at each question•# of retakes of entire examWhen you’re ready to begin yourExam, scroll down and click OK.When you do, the exam windowwill launch.
  20. 20. *Opened Task List1. Show Task List, shown collapsed, (you can use this list to jump from task to task, in any order)2. Task ID number3. Question label with back and forward arrows to jump between tasks4. Time remaining (if set by instructor)5. Attempts remaining per question6. Describes the task that the student must perform.7. The “simulation” of the application where you will complete the task.
  21. 21. *Students visitReports tosee results onall types ofassignments. If you have also purchased SAM Training, you can launch Training activities, right from this Study Guide.
  22. 22. *To begin a SAM Trainingassignment, click the link fromyour SAM Assignments page.Review your assignment details:(which may include)•Instructions•Due DateWhen you’re ready to begin yourTraining, click OK.When you do, the Trainingwindow will launch.
  23. 23. The first screen will alwaysprovide a written descriptionof the task. *Along the bottom:Observe- allows students towatch and listen how toperform a taskPractice- allows students tofollow along with guidedprompts to learn a skillApply- students performactions, unprompted to provethat they know the skill *You MUST complete theApply and click Task Completeto receive credit for eachtask.Just like in exams, you canshow/hide the task list, movebetween questions w/arrows.Also use controls to replay,rewind, forward or pause themovies in progress.
  24. 24. ** We now offer a “Getting Started with SAM” online training session to help you: * Create your user profile * Complete your assignments * Run reports* Many different times/dates are offered to meet your busy schedule* Click here to register:
  25. 25. *Congratulations!You have now successfullylogged into SAM 2010,joined a section, andseen all different types ofassignments!Go tohttp://sam2010.course.comto complete yourassignments.