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Sr Participants Guide August 2012


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How employee referral programme participants can be informed and get involved easily

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Sr Participants Guide August 2012

  1. 1. SocialReferralparticipantuser guide User Guide
  2. 2. user guide Log in To start you need a personal invite sent by email from your employer. In this mail you can find a link that leads you to your personal login page. To set up your account is pretty straight forward. You can log in directly with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. No password needed then. If you choose to log in with your email address than fill in your password once and you have logged in. LinkedIn or Facebook log in buttons Log in with your corporate email Just fill your password once and you’re done. Retrieve your password Help Desk For all non-candidate questions please contact on the email address stated below. For questions concerning the recruitment process and incentive please contact your local recruiter. SocialReferral Support Email: support@socialreferral We’ll get back to you within 24 hours during working
  3. 3. user guide Home page On the home page you can find all the jobs, friends that could be interested, friends that you have referred and lots more. You can filter the jobs with the navigation bar on vacancies and promotions. You can also check directly the jobs with matches. On the left of the screen you can find the news feed which keeps you updates on all things new. If your company chooses to run a competition you’ll find the competition widget on the left hand side too. And last, but not least, a activity log keeps you updated on what all your colleagues are up to. Your profile Connect new networks, change your password or change your photo Welcome messageNews feed This will be shown the firstAll the news that’s 3 times you log ininteresting for you A open job Here you can find theCompetition job info, friends that mayOverview of the be interested and morepoints earned andrankingActivity logSee what yourcolleagues are
  4. 4. user guide News feed Friends feed The news feed gives you a update on what The friends feed is all about the people you happened since the last time you logged in. know. Check out who of your friends are up Which new jobs are added, which friends for a new challenge and how your current may be eligible for a job, tips on which job referral are doing in the hiring process. you can tweet about and lots more Competition Check out what place you’re at in the competition. We show the top 3 and your current place if you’re (not yet) in the top 3. The rewards tab gives you an overview on the points collected so far. The Grand Prize What the nr. 1 gets when the competition ends Calender Shows for how many days the competition will Top 3 run You get an overview of the top 3 and their points Not in the top 3? Check out what your place is and your points
  5. 5. user guide Jobs On home page you can find all the jobs, friends that could be interested, friends that you have referred and lots more. You can filter the jobs with the navigation bar on vacancies and promotions. You can also check directly the jobs with matches. Tab: Friends that may be interestedJob OwnerThe person withthe job BonusInteresting friends The incentive you getFriends who when one of yourmatch on the job referrals is hired for this job Check out more profiles This button appears if Search bar you have more friends Search for your that match the profile Friend profile friends by name Check out your friends profile Tab: Share with others Upload CV Upload friends Post on social networks Post this job on on of your networks by clicking Bonus on the logo of the The incentive you network. A pop up will get when one of appear where you can your referrals is hired Invite by email adjust the text if you like. If you want to invite a friend that’s not in The unique URL can’t be your network you can use the email adjusted. feature. The email will be sent from your email address that you have used to log in
  6. 6. user guide Invite a friend You see a good match? Now invite him or her. Click on her name and a pop up appears. Step 1: Click on friends name Step 2: Select invite medium Step 3: Send invite through email, Facebook or LinkedinEmail addressFill email addressbefore you send Messagethe message We’ve pre- populated a message. You can adjust the message. Important: always leave the %{url} in there since that’s the unique link to the application page
  7. 7. user guide Step 4: Or tip the recruiter about this great candidate Contact details Help the recruiterMotivate with your friendsTell the recruiter contact details sowhy you think he or she can beyour friend is contacted by theeligible recruiter Follow your friend Now you have referred your friend wouldnt it be great to get an update from time to time on your friends status in the hiring process? With SocialReferral you can. We send you a update from the first step (applied) to the last (hopefully a hire!). You can find the status updates in the last tab on the job block. Profile The name and picture of your referred friend Status Check out your friends status and maybe give some good tips along the way!
  8. 8. user guide Your Profile Changing your personal settings can be done when you click on your name in the top right corner. A drop down appears with the option to go to your profile or sign out. If you want to change your password, avatar or add or remove social networks: you can manage it all in your profile. Change profile Personal information Change your personal settings here. Your email address is fixed and can’t be altered. Password settings Passwords If you need to update your password. If you have forgotten your password you can ask for a new one here
  9. 9. user guide Connect Social Networks Connect You choose which networks you want to connect. We advise you to connect as many networks as possible so you don’t leave out any friends from becoming a new colleague! Privacy & Data We take privacy very serious. SocialReferral is registered at the CPB ( This is the Dutch organization that oversees all personal data handling. We want to earn your trust by being transparent about how SocialReferral works. You should read our policy in its entirety, but please pay particular attention to these three highlights: • SocialReferral is designed to make it easy for you to share your information and information about you employer with anyone you want. You decide how much information you feel comfortable sharing on SocialReferral and you control how it is distributed. • You can generally visit the Site without revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself. We do not collect personal information from our users without the users providing us with this information as set forth in this Privacy Policy. • SocialReferral is a paid service supported by the company you work for. We will not share your information with your company without your consent. We allow companies to see the number of matches in your network but not their names or other personal