Social Referral User Guide 2012


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How to manage your social employee referral program.

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Social Referral User Guide 2012

  1. 1. SocialReferralUser Guide User Guide
  2. 2. U S E R G U I D EThe user guide for recruiters & recruitment managers for setting up their SocialReferralaccount and how to manage it. july 2012Account set up Upload your jobs Matching Dashboard Candidate And lots more.. ManagementStart from scratch Easier than you think. How to get the best Checklists, ATSand create your own in a couple of steps results with the How to handle all integrations andaccount. There are you have your jobs SocialReferral those highly qualified everything else youheaps of features you posted in matching engine. A candidates that you need to know.can adjust such as SocialReferral complete guide that can expect tocompetition, rewards, makes you a receive.leads, emails, matching expert in a The recruiter suite. Page 11branding and much couple of minutes With this dashboardmore. Page 15 you can run yourPage 3 employee referral program effectively Page 8 Pagina 10Who we are program. The user friendly interface allows recruiters to post jobs easily, and stay on top of the process withSocialReferral was started by a small comprehensive analytics showingteam with a passion for recruitment and prospective candidates, quality ofthe social web. We realised that fillingjobs is a numbers game as much as it is matches and the reach of the 1sta task of finding the best fit. degree network of the completeSocialReferral was conceived when we organisation.tried to realise a more efficient way to Users simply recommend contacts forget better quality candidates. Recruiters SocialReferral started in the summer of 2010. From our HQ in Amsterdam we service clients jobs – and benefit from the rewards – byare keenly aware that the best through out the whole world. We have clients in linking to their own social networks.candidates for jobs are those Banking, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Consulting andrecommended by a company’s existing Healthcare among others. SocialReferral works by making a shortlistworkforce, which is how SocialReferral, of the best candidates for a particularwas born. job, and in just one click, users then choose which of their contacts they putCompanies and recruiters have easilyunderstood the benefit of our software, What is forward. Recruitment progress can be tracked through a log showing alland today SocialReferral is used by anincreasing number of large multinational SocialReferral recruitment activity – including that of colleagues.companies to streamline theirrecruitment processes and takeemployee referral programs to the next about? Friends and contacts can even be nominated anonymously, while users canlevel. still benefit from referral incentive With SocialReferral you connect all of rewards. your employees social networks and Recruitment has never been so easy! integrate social media in the best way possible in your employee referral 2
  3. 3. C H E C K L I S T Your Check list SocialReferral will set up a unique account for every customer. To adjust this account to your company culture, we require some details. SocialReferral can be configured in a basic and advanced set. The basic set requires the following details: 5 Best Practice tips in running a succesful employee referral program 1. Start the program with max. 10 jobs from a divers range of disciplines (so everybody gets a couple of suggestions) 2. Upload small batches of jobs per week (about 4 or 5 jobs per upload). Don’t over ask your colleagues. 3. Be proactive. Start the conversation with your employees and give them support in referring the best candidates. 4. Send reminders to employees with matches that have not referred a candidate yet. Learn 5. Celebrate success. Receiving recognition from your employer for referring talent is a great motivator. SocialReferral Support NL & BE Support coach: Souad Rahmouni Email: Phone NL: +31 20 204 23 12 SocialReferral Support UK, USA & Australia Support coach: Andy Hill Email: 3
  4. 4. A C C O U N T S E T U P Account set upNo company culture is the Past employees Leads implement this feature orsame. That’s why you can It can be very important to Employees can choose to not.adjust the set up of your filter previous employees stay in control of theirSocialReferral account to Social networksyour own needs. Below you from the match results. referrals, or leave their SocialReferral can connectcan find the features thatare adjustable. with the most common social networks. In theCompany name account preferences weWe would like to make sure can select which socialthat our matching is spot- networks an employee ison. For that reason it is very SocialReferral supports the most important social networks in the allowed to connect with.important for us to know world such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +. If there is a network you’re missing and would like to add: please let us know! The following socialyour company’ networks are available foralternatives name (think of selection:subsidiary names, former Therefore we can turn on a candidates contact detailscompany names, ect). filter, which will remove all with the recruiters. The lead o LinkedInOnce we have added previous employee option does just that. When o Facebookthem to the account, our matches. By default this an employee prefers not to o Twittermatcher will filter any option is turned off. stay in the loop, they can o Google +match that is currently send the contact details of o Hyves (Dutch)working for one of the a candidate to a recruiter. o Xing (will be addedcompany names. You can choose to in Q4 2012)4
  5. 5. A C C O U N T S E T U PBranding: Implement your own corporate identitySocialReferral has the option to change its look into that of your company! We can change the following aspectsof our design: o Change the colours of the top navigation bar o Add the company logo o Add a different background image o Change the white wash colour (white 30%/60%, blue 30%/60%, black 30%/60%)What do we require?SocialReferral can also create a design for your company, for this we require the following materials: o Transparent company image in *.png format (200 pixels * 200 pixels or larger) o Promotional images in *.png or *.jpg format (2000 pixels * 2000 pixels or larger)Please share any ideas and/or preferences, so we can process these into the account design. In case yourcompany will deliver its own design, please keep in mind the 940 pixels width of the default layout. For a gooddisplay of your company logo, please do not use more than 130 pixels at either side of the layout. 5
  6. 6. A C C O U N T S E T U P Competition Time Invitees A competition can’t run infinitely. Engagement is key in any employee Adding invitees can be done referral program. One way to That’s why we have added a individually or in a batch. Uploading increase the engagement is through calendar with the duration of the a batch of invitees can be done with running an internal competition with competition. We normally advise you your co-workers. a semi-colon separated *.CSV file. to run the competition for 30 to 60 With SocialReferral you can run days. However 90 days is used quite Example: your own online competition. In the often too. Bear in mind that a longer competition you can reward on a job duration could influence the First name; Last name; Email; level and at the end of the engagement level. john doe competition when the nr. 1 is announced. You can choose not to Comma separated *.CSV files are run a competition. In that case you only reward employees on a job Scoring points not recognised by SocialReferral. level. SocialReferral rewards the following Reward per job actions: Browser compatibility When a referred candidate is hired, We support the most browsers: o 1 point for sharing a job on the referee is usually compensated Internet explorer 7 and up, Firefox your social network with a reward. We can configure a and Chrome. o 3 points for referring a friend default reward for all job openings. If o 10 points for adding a lead a specific job opening has a Important: we don’t support Internet o 25 points when a referral different reward, we can configure Explorer 6 decides to apply that separately while adding the job. o 100 points when a candidate We suggest to check the browser is moved into the hiring Reward for the competition compatibility before you roll out the process Apart from the reward, the program. It has been reported that o 200 points when a candidate employee receives 200 points in the due to specific IT set ups not all is hired competition. The employee with the pages can be viewed as they are most points will win when the supposed to be. For questions on this These points are at this moment fixed topic please contact our support. completion ends. What the “Grand and not adjustable. The leader Prize” will be that’s up to you. You board of the competition can be can set up the prize for the found in the side-bar. A recruiter can Email compatibility competition and duration when you also access the complete leader It’s recommended to sent a couple click on the “setting” button. We board through the dashboard. of test emails to check if the mails support the message in a pop over are not blocked or scrambled. We as shown in the middle picture. support most email clients but better save than sorry.6
  7. 7. A C C O U N T S E T U P ATS Integration What does it mean? When adding an ATS to SocialReferral, it will allow us to automatically upload your new jobs to SocialReferral and push candidate information to your ATS.Vacancy pull candidate to the job Candidate pull SocialReferral will SocialReferral isWhen a new job opening for which Do you prefer to only process status constantly trying toopening is posted in they applied, change the status in updates. improve and expandyour ATS, including all contact your own ATS, and our integrationSocialReferral will details and CV. have SocialReferral Supported systems possibilities.upload this within the copy that? No SocialReferralhour to our system. SocialReferral will problem! supports the Is your ATS not listed?This is done fully also send an email to SocialReferral will following ATS Please contact ourautomatically. Any the hiring manager check your integrations: support team.added HTML code with the candidate’ candidates everywill be included in hour and will update o BroadBean Our API can be information. Thethe upload. our database in case o Lumesse found here: https:// information can then of any changes. Talentlink be retrieved from oCandidate push PeopleXS SocialReferral or the oIs there a new HR ATS. Changing candidatecandidate in Technologies contact details in oSocialReferral? Then Taleo E.E. your ATS will not be o Successfactorswe will upload this recorded in the o Connexyscandidate to your SocialReferralATS. Linking the 7
  8. 8. A C C O U N T S E T U P Implement your own tone of voice The most important text fields in SocialReferral are adjustable for even further personalization.SocialReferral has chosen English their networks can be seen by The following text is used as a Announcement, invitation &as the dominant language. Most everybody. Great place to default: reminder emails to invite your coof the copy in the tool is fixed. advocate your unique tone of “Are you my new colleague workers for SocialReferralHowever, there are 2 distinctarea’s where the copy is to be voice and let the message stand @yourcompanyname? we are SocialReferral has an automatedaltered. The first is the text the out between the zillion numbers looking for a ….. Click here: (short email service that sends outreferrer will send as a personal of posts. web URL)!” unique emails based on yourinvite or post on a social network. personal network and behaviour.The seconds is the emails sendout for announcement, invitation The copy in these emails is fixed.& reminder purposes. However, we feel that it’s important that the message youText the referrer will send as an invite you co-workers must be asinvite personal as possible. That’s whyThis copy is fully adjustable to the we left these emails open so youtone of voice (even specific can adjust them to your own tonelanguage) you prefer to speak as Changing the copy in SocialReferral offer the possibility to further of organization and will appear personalize you SocialReferral account.when a referrer invites a friend We have 4 emails you can adjust:directly. 1. Announcement The posting option appears if theA pop up appears in which you 2. Invite referrer clicks on the “share with Users are free to adjust this text.can configured the copy to every 3. First Reminder others” tab and selects one of the However from our experience onaccount by default. The copy 4. Second Reminder networks. A pop up will appear average 90% of al posts areSocialReferral offers by default is when one of the networks is posted with the content youopen for adjustment. The The copy for the emails and selected. There your copy will present to the users. appear. personal invite messages can beText the refer will post found in appendix 1.The copy that referrers post on8
  9. 9. P O S T I N G J O B S Posting jobs manually In a couple of steps your job is posted in the referral programGetting started How to upload jobs Step 4: Job description Step 1: Assign the job to the owner Copy past your job hereSince you’re all set up it’s time to get You get a higher conversion if a jobsome job in there! Adding jobs to the has an owner. It’s a social way of Step 5: Close dateaccount can be done manually or personalizing the open jobs in the If your company uses closing dateswith ATS integration. referral program. on jobs you can pick the date here.For in-depth info on ATS integrations The employee will see the closingplease see the separate chapter on Step 2: Enter the job title date. If the employee has matchesthat topic above. If you choose not on the job but has not acted onto integrate with your ATS, uploading This one is pretty straight forward:jobs must be done manually. enter the job title here. them (one week before the closing date) he/she will receive a reminder Step 3: One liner email. The one liner offers you the possibility to further personalize your job so it Step 6: Reward sticks out from the rest. In this way You can change the default reward your co-workers take notice on your here if your company uses different job. Be creative! You can add links to reward schemes for jobs. your text by adding code: %{project_name} to add a link that Save directs to the job description Save the job when you’re happy %{owner_name} to add the name of with all the fields you’ve filled in. the project owner Saving the job doesn’t mean it’s visible for employees. For that to happen we need to proceed to the 9
  10. 10. M A T C H I N GMatchingMatching could easily be one of the most Trainee: 0 to 1 year of experience match. For all other criteria: theimportant actions to be undertaken to default settingrun a successful referral program. The Junior: 1 to 3 years of experiencecriteria you choose to match your job inthe social networks of your co workers Medior: 3 to 5 years of experience 4. Ignore: If you choose this settingmust be chosen wisely. Nobody’s going the criterion will be excluded into be happy with match suggestions that Senior: 5 to 7 years of experience the matching processdon’t match. So to help you make the 5. Reject: all profiles that match willbest match there is we have created the Executive: 7+ years of experience be excludedSocialReferral matching engine. Founder: select if you are searching for Check matchesThe matching engine offers 5 criteria to business owners In order to check if your matching criteriamatch upon: result in the right results you can test it Interim: select if you are searching for with the check matching option. TheJob title contract workers check matches button triggers theFill in the job title here. SocialReferral uses matching engine and the match criteriaa taxonomy to match the job title Location are now matched in the social networksagainst all job titles in the same domain. If you would like to include location as a of your co workers that have created anIf your company uses company unique selection criteria please fill in (comma account on your SocialReferral account.job titles that are not used anywhere separated): In a couple of seconds you’ll get anelse, it is possible the match engine -Street name & nr. OR post code anonymous overview on the matchdoesn’t recognize the title. If so, fill in a -City results (see the middle picture for anjob title that is used by competing -Country example).companies for the best result. Every line is a person that is connected toKeywords one of your co workers. We’ve cut upIn the keywords field you can add max. 5 Matching weights their profiles in keywords which arekeywords that are comma separated. You can decide how important each presented in no particular order. TheNo Boolean search strings or HTML criterion is to make the best possible maximum score is 100. If you’re notneeded. Just key words. It’s is best to match. We’ve added weight distribution happy with the results you can alter thechoose key words that define the core of levers to each criterion. There are 5 match criteria and rematch the job untilthe job the best. possible options: your satisfied with the match result. 1. Knock out: The candidate must Publish the job when you’re sure theEducation have the exact description in his/ amount of bad matches is reduced toChoose the level of education. her profile. 10% or less. Please remember that your 2. Important: Above average co workers won’t respond to suggestionsLevel of experience weight is distributed to the that don’t match. It’s better to be a bitThe level of experience refers to the criterion too prudent than not at all.minimal number of years of working 3. Average: For keywords: leastexperience required for the job. The one of the keywords mustnumber of years per experience level:10
  11. 11. T H E D A S H B O A R D The Dashboard for recruitersThe Dashboard is the recruiter’s home. - Nr of posts on social networks (post are send out by the project manager ofFrom this page on you can control and message with job link) SocialReferral. We are working hard tomanage your employee referral - Nr of hires so far hand over this feature to the accountprogram. With a clear interface and - Reach (the complete nr. of people owners.spectacular metrics you get everything reached with posting the job on all socialyou need to get started. networks) Analytics The rest of the toolbar is set up for quickAnalytics graph Two pie charts. The top one provides a navigation to:In the dashboard we provide you with break down on the amount of days your Candidatesinfo on the essentials. The first thing you’ll jobs are published in SocialReferral. The Your projects (jobs)is the the analytics graph. This shows you bottom one gives you insight on the The competitionthe number of views of potential general activity of your population on Participantsapplicants on the referred or posted the tool. Messages (this option will be release atjobs. You can select the time frame (per the same date as the email feature)day, week or month). Posts on networks A more in-depth look which networks areGeneral stats used the most to post the message withThe stats give you a quick up date on: job link on.- Nr. of people that have applied- Nr of send out referrals (that is personal The left top toolbar is where you caninvites to apply) create a new project (job) or send an- Nr of received leads (tips from invite (email). The last option is not yetcolleagues to the recruiter) available for account owners. All email 11
  12. 12. C A N D I D A T E M A N A G E M E N TCandidatemanagementAll applications can be found under Archive. The archive is the place The status can be changed if youthe candidates tab. There are 2 where all rejected candidates end click on “edit”. A pop over appearspossible ways in which an applicant up. You can choose to keep all in which you can change the status.can apply: through a direct referral rejected candidates here and Remember that the referrer is anxiousor through a post. Also, the leads maybe contact one in a later to know what will happen with his/from your co-workers can be found stadium. her referral. We therefore stronglyhere. suggest not to wait for more than 4We provide 4 tabs: Statuses days to review all incoming Every applicant has a date of candidates and change the status.New application. This is where all new Changing the status of the application, a job on which theyapplications are collected. Every apply, cv, motivation and the person candidate triggers an email to theapplicant has a date of application, referrer that his or her candidate has who referred the candidate or whoa job on which they apply, cv, a new status. posted the job link on one of themotivation and the person who networks. The last item is the status ofreferred the candidate or who the applicant. In SocialReferral weposted the job link on one of the Alerting your colleagues have 5 statuses:networks. An extra feature we provide to recruiters is to see which employees Lead. Potential candidate that has have matches and what theirNew leads. A lead is a tip from one been tipped by colleague but has activity is on those matches. This giveof your co-workers to contact a you the insights on which employees not yet contacted by recruiterfriend of old colleague that he/she have the most matches and eventhinks might be up for the job. You more important: do they acts on the Applied. Candidate has applied for matches? If not, you can send themget the name, email address, job but is not in the hiring process yet. a email to remind them how theytelephone number and motivation could help and receive an attractivewhy he or she is suitable for the job. bonus for doing this. If you want to Accepted in the hiring process. make it a bit more personal: walk to Candidate is invited for the 1st them at their desk and start aIn process. Once you have decided interview. ask the candidate for a firstinterview he or she starts the hiring Hired. What we all want: hiring greatprocess. CV selection or pre-testing candidates.the candidate are not consideredsteps in the hiring process. Rejected. All candidates that are not hired.12
  13. 13. P R O J E C T S Managing your jobs Learn on how to manage your jobs the best way possibleNew projects My Projects All Projects Closed projects StatusesOn the new projects In my projects you All projects shows all This one speaks for it A job can havetab you will find all find all jobs that have jobs that have been self. This tab contains several statuses.the jobs that are in you as an owner. In uploaded in all jobs that haveyour ATS at this large recruitment SocialReferral. They been closed. Conceptmoment. If you have teams it can don’t necessary The job is notnot connected your become confusing if need to be We save all data on published yet andATS this tab we be all jobs are published. Jobs that this job for you to use can be altered.empty. aggregated on one have been put on again in a new page. That’s why Published hold or with drawn search including theThe jobs from your we’ve a create The job is published for sometime can be general stats andATS will appear in a personal projects and has triggered found here. colleagues withlight grey gradient. page so you can the matching matches add theirThis means we’ve check out all your We are working hard engine. Employees activity. This can alluploaded them but jobs in one easy to to put some filters in with matches be found if you clickthey are not live manage page. place on this page receive and email. on the view button.(published) in so you won’t get lost HiddenSocialReferral. In if there are many jobs You can also decide The job is notorder to publish them on there. to re-publish the job. published need to attribute Go to edit and re- Good option is yourthe job to an owner. publish it. job is put on hold.If the job has anowner it will move to Closedall projects. The job is removed and archived. 13
  14. 14. C O M P E T I T I O N Competition overview Check out who’s successful and whom can be motivated to be a bit more active to earn rewardsThe competition overviewgives you insight on who isscoring the points and iseligible for the Grand Prize.Apart from the totalcollected points since thestart of the competition weprovide the last login datefrom the participants. If youfeel the need to make yourpopulation a bit moreactive you can choose tosend out an email to all toremember them on therewards that are offered. attributed points is fixed at Referred a friend A friend applied via aA great way to get a this moment. However, this A participant send out a referralhigher engagement is to will be configurable in the personal invite to apply to Candidate applies throughlet the whole company near future as we are a friend link send out personally byknow who are the top working hard to make this participantcontributors. happen. Put a friend forward as a lead A friend was accepted inRewards Scheme Posted on a social network Tipped the recruiter about to the hiring processThe reward scheme is set a potential candidate in Invited for 1st interview A participant posted theup for optimal conversion: job link incl. message on his his/her network A referral was hiredhires. The number of or her network. Candidate is hired14
  15. 15. U S E R B A S EManage your user baseInvite, manage and de-activate users all in one place.To effectively experience is that Closed This can be done in The user can’t log inmanage your user around 35 to 65% of The people that the “My Profile” at in to the systembase we’ve created the participants signs who’s account is the top navigation anymore once3 tabs in which you up. disabled. There are 2 bar. you’ve disabled thecan find your whole ways an account The second option is profile.user base: Invited, Active can be disabled. The that you as aParticipants, Archive. These are all people first is that an recruiter disables the that have received employee deletes his participant in theInvited an invite and have or her account invited or active field.All the names in the created an account. themselves.invited tab have not As such, this is yoursigned up to their active user base. Theaccount. They can people that help yoube invited before, fill in the jobs. Treateven been send a them well and theyreminder. Basically, will provide you withthis is the base you a lot of cv’s.need to convert toan active status. OurQuick facts about SocialReferral Founders Guido Nieuwkamp — All things customer orientated Ivo Fokke — All things financial Andre Meij — All things technical OfficesFounded: 2010 SocialReferral HQ Gabriel Metsustraat 16 1071 EB, AmsterdamHQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands The Netherlands Tel: +31 61 935 2029Partners: VNU Media/Persgroep (NL), Broadbean (UK, SocialReferral the NetherlandsUSA, Australia), J.G. Archer (UK, Ireland) VNU Media [exclusive partner the Netherlands] mt. Lincolnweg 40 1033 SN AmsterdamCustomers: Over 30 including Aker Advantage, BT, The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)20 204 2312Eircom, Vodafone, Shell,, ABN Amro Bank,Rabobank, UPC, ASML, Comscore, Ergo, IDH, Heerema, SocialReferral United KingdomSmals, Warchild. Broadbean Technology [exclusive partner United Kingdom] 40 Marsh WallKey industries we serve: Banking, Telecom, Oil & Gas, London, E14 9TP United KingdomConsulting, IT, FMCG, Healthcare, Non-Profit Tel: +44 20 7536 1661 SocialReferral International sales J.G. Archer Tel: +35 387 267 7977 Tel: +31 64 659 6677 15