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Social Reach and influence


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Irish recruiters presentation

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Social Reach and influence

  1. 1. Social Referrals & InfluenceByJ.G. ArcherReferrals have been a significant means to getting jobs before social networks, emails and even fax’s.Most of the jobs I’ve ever had, have been through referrals.Through referrals ‘everyday’ people have been connecting other people to positions for generations.When we refer people:• We offer a ‘tip of the hat’ to our connections• An inside line on the hiring process.• We are responsible in our actions.• We want to help.• We want our actions to be appreciated.We want to help, a bit, a little, maybe more, perhaps a lot, but not too much.In reality we want people to make it easy for us on both sides.In most cases we literally want to ‘tip the hat’ and be done with it.Referrals come with the best intentions,We hope everything works out fine.The following pages will show you my findings in social reach and influence and a few tips.Followed by short presentation of:“Referral recruitment for the social age”A platform centered on the people who make referrals thats allows for greater reach and influence.If you’d like further reading, reference materials or links please J.G. Archer !
  2. 2. Direct Influence approx. 500 more connections approx. 20 people approx. 200 contacts w Work Life o Interests r k My strong influence is limited L to approx. 20 people & is split over a number of different social i groups f e My moderate influence extends to approx. 200 people, diversifying further with life experience. My weak influence is with s ts e re approx. 500 people with little or Int no tangible influence beyond this. Our 20 strong influences can be With a further 200 moderate contacts. We maintain weak influence over about analyzed further as: 50 we know quite well and communicate 500 people, these are friends of friends, 5 core people usually family. with often. people we just about know, met just once & 12- 15 partners. & 150 we contact semi-regularly and or recently. Through homophily we are We communicate a lot with these know a bit about connected but not close to them. J.G. Archer !
  3. 3. Social Influence: extend beyond my connections w @ Work o In Life My Interests r k L i f eThe people I influenceare from a diverse set of s ts relife experiences that are teunique to me. InThey, in turn, influencetheir own uniqueconnections. More connections does NOT ensure more influence. Our influence is driven by homophily (often described as ‘birds of a feather flock together’). The people in our groups of influence change based on our experiences and extend way beyond professional connections. Tip: Invite everyone that’s had a positive experience with you and make it clear easy for them to share your message. by J.G. Archer !
  4. 4. Direct Corporate Influence By and large people share feelings not facts. If making a referral feels like filling out and expenses form then it’s not helping anyone. Making a real effort is necessary to engage more then just your brand advocates. Tip: Survey previous referrers and supportive connections on what they think, and how it could be improved. by J.G. Archer !
  5. 5. Corporate Social Influence.Corporates that achieve social influence know what their people want.Employees want to help and will share their influence and connections with you.A referral that feels special will be supported, referred and shared. Corporate social InfluenceCorporate Social Influence starts with all your direct connections, if it feels right they will pass on their influence.Technology can help provide that ‘tip the hat’ feeling to referrers across organisations.Provide the right attention, information, support and sharing capabilities so that employees continue to refer with confidence that areferral will the treatment it deservesTip: Social technologies can provide social matching, relevance and ease of communications often doubling J.G. Archer !