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Qualvu capabilities presentation

  1. 1. WHY US? Qualvu delivers new insights from new places through the extraordinary Expert skills of our research team, a team that has the distinct advantage ofResearchers& Richer Data leveraging richer data. Richer data starts with multi-methodology designs that deliver VideoDiaries combined with live follow-ups. Qualvu has a tried and true process to take foundational research, richer consumer data, and work with the client in-person to develop ideas and, Innovation in turn, fully articulated concepts. A combination of deep immersions Experience through VideoDiary, in-person workshops to unlock the collective genius of the research team and the client stakeholders, and then a process of test and optimize to develop ideas into market-ready concepts. The Qualvu platform allows your data to remain on our platform and be used in conjunction with the future studies conducted by Qualvu (or those that ROI have been uploaded to our portal). With each study executed, you are essentially building a data warehouse to access and trend your data from year to year creating a better return on your investment.
  2. 2. Qualvu DeliversNew InsightFrom NewPlacesQualvu has Delivered1,500+ VideoDiary Studies
  3. 3. Video, on their Schedule, Leads to Richer Data Co-Create Define Collect Collect Analyze Insights Mobile VideoDiaries Some of the best research happens when you are not in the room. The starting point for richer 1,500+ data comes from Qualvu’s use of video to deliver consumer-led sharing of their moments of truth. 10,000 Convenience matters, Qualvu projects typically spend between one day and a week in-field. Participants share on their 40,000 schedule, without the presence of a researcher.
  4. 4. Multi-methodology Design: Following-up Co-Create Define Collect Collect Analyze Insights Online IDIs LiveChat Sessions Live In-homes The last mile of depth can come Follow up with the participants Target a follow-up engagement from a quick follow-up session that matter, as a group. in-home to add another layer of with the most qualified context to the initial participants. Qualvu will funnel video based VideoDiaries. IDIs into a 60 minute, strategist 15 to 20 minute Skype or phone- led blog session with the “best” Qualvu will send a Moderator, based interviews that are participants record the data and then upload recorded and the data uploaded it to the portal for organization. into the Qualvu Decide portal.
  5. 5. Global  Find the right people, support them locally  Dubbed Video, Transcribed  40+ countries, 12 languages, 1/3rd of our projects are outside the U.S.
  6. 6. Systematically Coding Data Co-Create Define Collect Analyze Analyze Insights
  7. 7. Organizing Data + Search Co-Create Define Collect Analyze Analyze Insights  Access consumer insights in real time  Code multimedia data and create clips & highlight reels  Perform keyword search to mine data  Collaborate at every stage and share key gems of insight
  8. 8. Not Just A Report: New Insights Co-Create Define Define Collect Collect Analyze Analyze Co-Create Insights Insights Results
  9. 9. SummaryRicher DataCandid consumer ethnographiesMoments of truthInnovative Video-based CollectionOnline and mobile videoAdvanced software-driven workflowCollaborativeStakeholders across the globe collaborate andco-create video reports infused with highlight reelsNew Insights from New PlacesMore informed business decisions