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Drugs Selena Carri

  2. Lesson 1 The Role Of Medicine
  3. You Can: Sniff It Rub It In Inject It Into Your Skin Swallow Like A Pill Drink It If You Mix It With Another Drink
  4. Reactions To Mixing Medicines When two or more medicines are taken at the same time reactions may be dangerous or even deadly! Some of the reactions that might occur are: The medicines may have a stronger effect. The medicines combined may have unexpected effects. Also the medicines may cancel out each others expected effects. Narcotics
  5. Tips For Using Medicine Do not use OTC for more than ten days without medical supervisions. Do not share prescription medicine. Destroy medications that have passed their expiration date. Keep medicines safely sealed in a childproof container and out of the reach of children. NEVER take medication with alcohol!!! Never take two or more medicines at the same time without your doctors approval
  6. Lesson 2 Stimulants and Depressants
  7. Lesson 2 Words To Know Stimulants: drugs that speed up the body’s functions. Amphetamines: drugs prescribed to stimulate the central nervous system. Narcotics: prescription medicines that are used to relieve pain.
  8. Drug Amphetamines Cocaine Crack What it is called and how it is taken Speed, crank, ice, uppers, pep pills, diet pills; swallowed, by needle, inhaled, smoked Coke, snow, toot, blow, lady; inhaled, by needle, smoked Rock, freebase, ready rock, teeth; smoked Stimulants
  9. Depressants Kind of Depressant Tranquilizer Barbiturate Hypnotic What it’s called; how it looks; how it’s taken Valium, Librium; tablets or capsules; swallowed Downers, barbs, yellow jackets; red, yellow, blue, or red and blue capsules; swallowed Quaaludes, ludes, sopors; tablets; swallowed
  10. Lesson 3 Marijuana and Other Illegal Drugs
  11. Hallucinogen: drugs that distort moods, thoughts, and senses. Designer Drugs: drugs that are made from chemicals that resemble illegal substances. Inhalant: substances whose fumes are sniffed and inhaled to give a hallucinogeniclike high.
  13. The End