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Inspiring Kids to Learn Code


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Despite the tremendous digital revolution we are experiencing, computer science is still in its early days in the elementary school curriculum in most countries. We'll see how the developer community can fill this void. There are many organizations and resources to support and inspire kids to learn code with languages such as Scratch and Python. We will demonstrate how real kids can interface virtual and physical world using Internet of Things.

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Inspiring Kids to Learn Code

  1. 1. Inspiring Kids to Learn Code
  2. 2. Welcome to the Hyperconnected Digital World Welcome
  3. 3. f(x)=2x Source: Race Against the Machine, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, 2011, MIT Center for Digital Business Moore law: SAP Source: How To Direct Your Digital Future: 4 Questions The Second Half of the Chess Board and Gordon Moore’s law
  4. 4. Main topic of 2016 Davos World Economic Forum
  5. 5. Bad news! machines are taking over Jeopardy, 2011Chess, 1997 Self driving car, 2014 Go, 2016
  6. 6. Atlas 2016 Click to start the video
  7. 7. Good news! human + machine > machine Source: The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, 2014 MIT Center for Digital Business
  8. 8. What should we give kids to thrive in the Digital World? DIGITAL LITERACY VS COMPUTER SCIENCE “Children must learn computer science in elementary school, like Reading, Writing and Math”
  9. 9. Computer science teaches kids to be problem solver and innovators. Top 10 skills required in 2020: 1. Complex problem solving 2. Critical thinking 3. Creativity 4. People management 5. Coordinating with others 6. Emotional intelligence 7. Judgment and decision making 8. Service orientation 9. Negotiation 10.Cognitive flexibility Source: Future of jobs report, World economic forum 2016
  10. 10. Starting at age 7
  11. 11. Online Python:
  12. 12. Minecraft Teaching: Logic & Electricity
  13. 13. Minecraft Teaching: Computer Programming • MOD: Java, scriptcraft, python • Programming inside Minecraft with Computercraft
  14. 14. • qCraft – the Quantum Mechanics Mod • Teaches students about different aspects of Quantum Mechanics (3:24) • Entanglement • Superposition ( (1:24)) • Observational dependency More on minecraft teaching: minecraft-for-teachers Minecraft Teaching: Quantum Physics
  15. 15. Minecraft and yaas Source:
  16. 16. GOPIGO
  17. 17. Two years old &
  18. 18. (Opensource platform) mBot robot (arduino based) (Scratch & Arduino based)
  19. 19. Emma, 9 years old: Minecraft, LittleBits, IoT 4th grade Science Project (in their words): “Monde virtuel et monde réel : Minecraft et le robot LittleBits ” “Virtual world and the real world: Minecraft and the LittleBits Robot”
  20. 20. 9 Years Old Science Project (how to in French) Virtual World Laptop Minecraft with Mod Physical World Electronic things Littlebits Connect using Cloudbits Wi-Fi “Internetdesobjets”
  21. 21. Building the Robot
  22. 22. Wiring Minecraft and Cloudbits through Internet
  23. 23. Working in team Detailed information (in French)
  24. 24. What can we do to scale?
  25. 25. Source:
  26. 26. Computer Science For All, President Obama, Jan 2016
  27. 27. Ask our Governments to have mandatory Computer Science in K-12 schools across Canada
  28. 28. Sample and guidelines: Send a letter, Get an answer, Share
  29. 29. But, what can we do now to scale?
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Send letters to government representatives Register as Volunteer: Open a Code club in your area: Contact me