MyWorkSearch #TeamForum The JGA Group 8 November 2013


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Presentation by Richard Alberg about MyWorkSearch, at the JGA Group's Team Forum 8 November 2013. The Theme of Team Forum was 'Using Social Media'

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MyWorkSearch #TeamForum The JGA Group 8 November 2013

  1. 1. MyWorkSearch - A recognised qualification and job search tool
  2. 2. The Three Levers Deliver job opportunities Provide job search skills Ensure jobseeker activity Engage all three levers and you get more people into work - faster
  3. 3. MyWorkSearch Effectiveness MyWorkSearch Users: Average time to find new job 50% more likely to secure work “MyWorkSearch Works” 62% find a new job within 3 months On average they find a job in 61 days % Find a Job within 3 months 92% of successful jobseekers say MyWorkSearch helped them be successful
  4. 4. MyWorkSearch Industry Recognition
  5. 5. Testimonials Having never been unemployed before (always walking from one job into another), it was the first time I have had to use these services and was pleasantly surprised by the MyWorkSearch site which I thought was an excellent, informative and useful tool. I hope my comments help in some way to publicise what a good site it is. Sharon Powell, Jobseeker I have happily managed to find a position and feel that MyWorkSearch helped me as it crystallised my way of searching and I made great use of the job search boards etc. I would certainly recommend your company to people who are looking for work and should I be unfortunate again to be in the jobs market, would definitely use your company again. Ken Pratt, Jobseeker I found the site very easy to use and extremely helpful. I have recommended it to a number of other people. Glen Perkins, Jobseeker I'm pleased to be able to say that I have found a full time job. I admit that MyWorkSearch did help me - I did the modules about interviews and found that it gave me more confidence in the interview which led to my new employment. I have recommended your site to all my friends who are currently unemployed - keep up the good work. Paul Dickens, Jobseeker
  6. 6. As a qualification with assessment and ePortfolio As a planned, structured and tracked employability course
  7. 7. MyWorkSearch - Screenshots
  8. 8. Employability Course
  9. 9. Unsolicited User Email “I have finished 'MyWorkSearch' and wanted to give you some feedback. My initial thought was that it was very well set out and organised. The lay out wasn't boring with just text to read, but it had animations and YouTube videos that engaged you. Another thing I noticed was that it was very easy to read and understand. I found it helpful that at the end of each section there were a set of exercises/questions to do and answer so that you could test your understanding of the topic instead of just reading a piece of text. I thought one of the exercises was very interesting because it spoke about a football team. This was a really good idea because people are more likely to be more intrigued and interested in something they know (even a little about) than something they don't know anything about or isn't very interesting. 'MyWorkSearch' helped me get a better and good understanding of businesses and how they worked. This was very helpful because it explained the different businesses and I learnt something new. I liked how in one of the sections they made you answer questions about yourself. This was quite hard for me because I had to identify my strengths and weaknesses which wasn't easy for me at all, however I think it was a really good exercise because it really helps you think about what you have to work on and what you're good at. Overall I think 'MyWorkSearch' is a helpful work search engine and it was very useful to me and I think it could be useful to others like me who need help and want to find out more about how to cope with interviews, working in a business, sorting out your CV, working with others etc.”
  10. 10. Assessor / Advisor Support
  11. 11. MyWorkSearch Usage
  12. 12.
  13. 13. The process Advisors meet with jobseekers who seem more motivated than typical Mention MyWorkSearch and its benefits as a free service that helps with job search and results in a qualification If interested, provide the learner with leaflet and paperwork Return completed forms to JGA who pass to MyWorkSearch MyWorkSearch to confirm eligibility and support learner through usage and achievement of qualification
  14. 14. Learner Benefits Readily accessible and engaging employability eLearning that learners find interesting Ability to achieve employment – faster Unlimited, unrationed help Convenience of job-search assistance when wanted by the learner Personal responsibility A recognised qualification Free
  15. 15. Thank You 020 7870 1000