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Cuban missile crisis game


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Published in: Education
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Cuban missile crisis game

  1. 1. Nuclear- World War III?
  2. 2. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 BEGIN Can you navigate the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  3. 3. President Kennedy Vs Nikita Khrushchev <ul><li>Nikita Khrushchev was the USSR leader. He and Kennedy disagreed with each other. Kennedy did not like communists. However Khrushchev did not like capitalists. He wanted to turn most of the world into communists. On the other hand kennedy wanted the countries to stay capitalists. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Will it ignite World War III? </li></ul></ul>CONTINUE
  4. 4. Introduction <ul><li>The main participants of Cuban Missile Crisis were USSR ( Communist ) and USA (Democra cy ). It all started with the deviation amongst them. The America spy plane found the USSR secretly planted Nuclear Missiles in Cuba , a country very close to USA in 1962 . However America could not tolerate that as they feared their enemy might retreat . </li></ul><ul><li>What could USA do? </li></ul><ul><li>Could you help President Kennedy of USA make the decision? </li></ul>CONTINUE
  5. 5. The Crisis <ul><li>On Sunday 14 th October 1962, an American U-2 spy plane flew over Cuba. It took detailed photograph of the missile sites. Military experts say that the USSR is in charge of this. </li></ul><ul><li>Over the next two days, more photos were captured. They described that some sites were nearly finished but others were still being built. Some of the sites were already supplied with missiles, others are awaiting them. American spy planes reported 20 soviet ships carrying missiles were on the way to Cuba. The experts warned, the most developed site could be ready to launch missiles in only seven days . </li></ul>CONTINUE
  6. 6. Image from US-Spy Plane
  7. 7. Cuban Missiles Crisis Map This map shows generally how far the Cuban Missiles can hit the America soil. As shown, their missiles can travel up to 2000 miles causing massive damage. NEXT
  8. 8. What should America do? <ul><li>President Kennedy found it hard to make a decision. He needs your help. The future of The USA is upon you. Please choose one of the following options to continue. </li></ul>Give USSR Diplomatic Pressure? Do Nothing? Attack Cuba by Air? Blockade on Cuba by Ships? Invasion of Cuba
  9. 9. Do Nothing? <ul><li>You chose the wrong decision. If President Kennedy did not do anything, he would be threatened by USSR’s missiles. Cuba would continue make or store missiles which could destroy almost all of the USA in 30 minutes before the USA could respond or self-defence. </li></ul>Therefore…
  10. 10. Attack Cuba by Air? <ul><li>You chose the wrong decision. If President Kennedy chose to attack Cuba by air, the USSR might retaliate or surprise attack the USA with missiles, just like what Japan did at Pearl Harbor on 7/8 December 1941. </li></ul>Therefore…
  11. 11. Invasion of Cuba? <ul><li>You chose the wrong decision. If President Kennedy chose to invade Cuba, it would make the USSR angry and get them involved. By doing so, you might force them to use nuclear power. World War III is definite. </li></ul>Therefore…
  12. 12. Give Diplomatic Pressure on USSR? <ul><li>You chose the wrong decision. If President Kennedy chose to give diplomatic pressure on USSR, he would show the USSR the USA’s weakness. The USSR would then force America back down. </li></ul>Therefore…
  13. 13. Blockade on Cuba? <ul><li>You chose the right decision. This is not an act of war, also President Kennedy chose this decision to burden Khrushchev on what he would do next. </li></ul>Continue
  14. 14. The Blockade <ul><li>The blockade was a ban on the soviet ships bringing further military supplies to Cuba. The US Navy could stop and search any soviet ship. The call for the USSR withdraw was already in place. </li></ul><ul><li>What should the USA do next? Please choose a solution. </li></ul>Shoot down the Soviet ships Do Nothing
  15. 15. Do Nothing <ul><li>It is the right way forward. Blockade and then do nothing will make Khrushchev think what to do next. It would not anger the USSR. So … </li></ul>Continue
  16. 16. Shoot Down the Soviet Ships <ul><li>You chose the wrong decision. The navy has just shot down the ship. The navy has triggered the start of World War III by angering the USSR. </li></ul>Therefore…
  17. 17. Game Over <ul><li>You failed to choose the right choice of action to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia has retaliated and used missiles to attack the USA. </li></ul>Try Again
  18. 18. Game Over <ul><li>You failed to choose the right choice of action to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. USSR has asked Cuba attack the USA. The USA is now in ruins. </li></ul>Try Again
  19. 19. Game Over <ul><li>You failed to choose the right choice of action to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. </li></ul>Try Again
  20. 20. Instructions <ul><li>Run through the slides, make your choices as you go past! Continue if you made the right choice, but if you made the wrong choice, tough luck, try again! </li></ul>Go back to Start
  21. 21. Congratulations <ul><li>The USSR ships had back off from Cuba. You have helped President Kennedy chose the most important decision to stop the Cuban missile crisis and addition to stop World War III. Well done, you are a true hero! </li></ul>Back to the Start