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Presentation about social media strategies for the Travel industry. Created by Jared Salter, co-founder of Joobili.com, for the EyeForTravel European Summit conference.

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  • Facebook and Twitter are often treated as equals. But the data shows a different picture….
  • “active” means they did at least one operation in the last 30 days. According to the data, twitter is a much different tool in terms of size and audience.
  • Twitter relies on Heavy Visitors (less that 7% of total) to account for 79% of time spent on Twitter. This is a very influential group, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are reaching a mass audience.
  • I recommend using Twitter for News, Making Connections, and Relationship building with key customers. Studies show we are only able to meaningfully connect with a group no larger than 200 people…I follow 200 people actively.
  • Facebook is quite different. It has massive reach across the globe.
  • FB strategy is like having an opening party for a gallery. Get the place ready for guests, send out invites, hold a pre-party with friends to create a good mood, then go bigger.
  • Start with the basics of uploading your photos, videos. Include plenty of links in your Info section.
  • Must have a welcome screen. Never let user arrive to the new stream…it is overwhelming.
  • Start by inviting friends.
  • Social media doesn’t just happen on social media sites
  • It happens in emails too.
  • Many people wonder why nobody sees their content…
  • Facebook has a sophisticated relevancy ranking system for deciding what appears in your top news.
  • Goal is not to post lots of stuff, but to create quality “edges”
  • Advertising on FB is less like a billboard, and more like the stock market.
  • Targeting is quite specific. It is best to experiment – monitor – react
  • FB commerce is still in its infancy…
  • Where it really gets exciting is commerce powered by FB, but not occuring on FB.
  • EyeForTravel 2010, Social Media

    1. 1. Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies for Travel Summit Presented by: Jared Salter e: jared@joobili.com tw: @joobili
    2. 2. Social Media
    3. 3. Facebook vs. Twitter 500m active users 700b min/month 70% users outside USA 190m registered users 43m active users 60% users outside USA
    4. 4. Twitter Activity
    5. 5. Twitter Strengths • Industry • Competitors • Media • Partners • Customers Obey the Law of 200
    6. 6. Facebook Reach
    7. 7. Facebook Strategy Get Ready Invite Go BigInteract
    8. 8. Info / Photos / Videos
    9. 9. Welcome Tabs
    10. 10. FB Friends
    11. 11. Websites
    12. 12. Email Signature / Newsletters
    13. 13. Top News
    14. 14. EdgeRank Object: every item that shows up in your News Feed Edge: interaction with an object (create, comment, like, tag, etc.)
    15. 15. Creating “Edges” Photos/Video s Questions/Poll s Competitions
    16. 16. Facebook Ad Strategy Vs. “Like”…I think “Like”
    17. 17. Facebook Ad Strategy
    18. 18. 3 Rules for Facebook Apps 1. Platform Dependent: Will this only work on Facebook? 2. Selfish: Are people empowered to talk about themselves (not your brand)? 3. Business Value: Is there a clear and traceable value to these interactions?
    19. 19. Facebook Commerce Online Presence Brand Traffic Revenue “15 minutes, 500m customers”
    20. 20. Commerce Powered by FB 13 friends stayed here SAVE 15% You may also be interested in… Palace Cinema (0.7km): Showing Madagascar 4 (IMDB) Toscana Grill (1.3km): Serving Lasagne (Recipes.com) Prague Walking Tour (1.8km): 1 hour downtown tour (Isango)
    21. 21. 1. Social Media’s role within Online Marketing strategy 2. Social Media’s role in crisis communication