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Gloria Korian Birthday Celebration Presentation1


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Gloria Korian Birthday Celebration Presentation1

  1. 1. Welcome to Gloria & Korian’s 2008 Birthday Celebration February 1, 2008 Slideshow ENJOY!
  2. 2. Enjoying good food at NAN Restaurant
  3. 3. The Foxie Four (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland
  4. 4. Friendship & Mentorship in action
  5. 5. Me tryin’ to get everyone’s attention to thank them for their patience and love for coming out to honor Gloria & Korian on their birthday
  6. 6. Cousin Alex looks like he’s havin fun. He’s such a kool, kalm and talented fellow. Thanks for coming to my birthday party. Love, Your cuz Korian E A L X
  7. 7. “ What in the World” “ Be quiet Maryland”
  8. 8. Alan & Anika Jones, my spiritual mentor and friend. Thank you for all the prayers and being there when we’ve needed you. You all are a part of our family. Love, The Freeman/ Young Family
  9. 9. Aunt Opal & Dawn (Oji’s cousin from Mass.) Thank you for being a part of our birthday celebration and your support. Love, Gloria, Korian and Jennifer
  10. 10. The Foxie Four Again (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland
  11. 11. The Foxie Four Again Again (Aunt Opal, Gloria (Birthday Gal), Aunt Virginia & Aunt Maryland “ Good lookin’ out Aunt Opal
  12. 12. Aren’t They Beautiful? ( Aunt Virginia, Gloria (Birthday Gal) & Tracie (Tray)
  13. 13. Here Are the Beauties Minus the Birthday Girl ( Aunt Virginia & Tracie (Tray) I’m so sleepy & I wanna go home
  14. 14. Older & Young cousins conversing about something. Whatever it is they are very engaged. Tanae, I don’t remember that.
  15. 15. Look @ the twins – Oh no that’s Vicki & Tanae. Wow how time flys.
  16. 16. Here’s Yo & Vikki (long-time girlfriends and friends of the family) being social butterflies. Aren’t they beautiful BLACK SISTAHS?
  17. 17. Here I’m again expressing the reason for the occasion. Boy do I look like a boney stick.
  18. 18. Here’s Aunt Maryland, Tracie (girlie a little bit lower and your goods would have been saying peek-a-boo. I look like a deer in head lights.
  19. 19. I love this picture a lot because it’s the ONLY one of its kind. We’ve come a long way; Korian was very happy her dad to come to the ATL for the party.
  20. 20. Here’s Karen – the Ethos DIVA and her mom; I can’t thank you all enough for hangin’ in there with us and waiting until we arrived. You all are the GREATEST friends our family could ever have.
  21. 21. Here’s one of Korian’s best friends Tracy Cole. They went to his promo together May 2008 – Oh no Korian’s had her 1 st prom date – I’m going to faint NOW.
  22. 22. It’s good to see our male cousins posing for the camera. Mal & James thanks for your patience and support over the year’s.
  23. 23. Look @ the birthday girl’s. Don’t they look stunning – TWO SPECIAL LADIES – February 2 babies
  24. 24. Oji & Dawn, his cousin from Massachusetts
  25. 25. Look at my baby. She’s growin’ up.
  26. 26. Rare moment – Mom, Oji and Korian @ their birthday celebration @ NAN Restaurant
  27. 27. Proud brothers – Thanks for being there and letting me host the after-party @ SIP
  28. 28. Hey ya’ll. I’m in SIP Heaven ! Cuz working hard @ his morning, noon & evening job. Thanks Rod for making the evening special!
  29. 29. Here are the birthday girls with their very special birthday cake with candles compliments of NAN Restaurant! Aren’t they beautiful with a birthday glow?
  30. 30. Mom, Tracie & Aunt Maryland cheesing for the camera. Very good ladies!
  31. 31. Vikki and ME bein’ too cute. Is that a side double chin I see?
  32. 32. The ladies in RED (Aunt Opal with her fly self, Vikki and Erica (Korian’s mentor) – Could some of them be Delta’s and graduates of HBCU’s?
  33. 33. Yo, Vikki and ME lookin’ and feelin’ good since we finally got our food.
  34. 34. Gloria & Korian’s 2008 Birthday Celebration Photo Collage