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MESA Unconference People Excellence oct 2012


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MESA hosted an Unconference session at the Invensys/Avantis-Wonderware Tech Support Symposium in October 2012. These were just intro slides for a discussion on how to achieve people excellence.

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MESA Unconference People Excellence oct 2012

  1. 1. MESA International Unconference Session People
  2. 2. What is an Unconference? • Discussion NOT presentation • Only the topic is set • You ask and answer Topic • Contributions by all participants • Learn from each other Copyright 2012, MESA International
  3. 3. Who is MESA International? MESA is… a not-for-profit industry association, recently merged with WBF a global community of like-minded companies and professionals working to make Operations more reliable, capable and profitable the knowledge broker for the MES/MOM* domain globally shaping the important discussions impacting the enterprise solutions of tomorrow*MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management Manufacturers & Producers Copyright 2012, MESA International
  4. 4. What do we do in MESA? For 20 years, companies have sent their employees to MESA to get them contributing to, and learning from, the important discussions taking place in industry and to leverage what they learn to drive performance and profitability throughout their organization. Sharing best practices, networking with thought leaders while gaining valuable intelligence, making it practical to implement standards and getting formal education.*MES/MOM = Manufacturing Execution Systems/Manufacturing Operations Management Manufacturers & Producers Copyright 2012, MESA International
  5. 5. Three Questions from MESA1. Do you have all the tools and information you need to compete? MESA’s Committees, Working Groups & Special Interest Groups have delivered the MESA model, Guidebooks, Metrics Research: MESA’s intellectual capital is invaluable to member companies. 2. Do your people have the baseline knowledge they need for you to succeed? The MESA Global Education Program (GEP) competency training in the Operations Management (MES/MOM*) has trained over 500 and will have certification program in 2013. 3. Are you on the path to Operations Excellence? Even modest gains in plant performance, product quality oroperating visibility, reliability or responsiveness can save millions of dollars. MESA is where you learn from others.
  6. 6. Unconference Evidence Concern about Operator Skills: Change Over Past Three Years Less 11% Same More 34% 55% Source: Pursuit of Performance Excellence: Business Success through Effective Plant Operations Metrics © 2012 Cambashi Inc. and MESA InternationalManufacturers & Producers Copyright 2012, MESA International
  7. 7. MESA Support ExampleInformation About InformationPersonnel Classes About Persons B2MML V0500 Information About Tests Schemas to support business-to- manufacturing Personnel 0..n 0..n Class < Defined by Person information flows 0..n 0..n Has Is tested Is tested Has properties by a > by a > values for > of > 0..n 0..n Update released by Qualification Test WBF in 2011 Specification < Records the Qualification 0..n 0..n execution of Test Defines a Result Is tested procedure for 0..n by a > obtaining a > 0..n 0..n 0..n Personnel Person Class Property < Maps to Property Copyright 2012, MESA International
  8. 8. People Excellence UnconferenceYour Qs & As• Hot button issues• Next steps for your organization• Conundrums and conflicts• What’s on your mind? Copyright 2012, MESA International
  9. 9. Continue the Discussion! Julie Fraser, Outreach Director