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JSON Part 3: Asynchronous Ajax & JQuery Deferred


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The final slides from the BFIC Deep Dive into JSON series. This deck covers an introduction to asynchronous operations and how to handle them using the JQuery Deferred object.

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JSON Part 3: Asynchronous Ajax & JQuery Deferred

  1. 1. BUILT IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY: FRONT END DEVELOPERS MEETUP TUES. JULY 9, 2013 JSON Part 3: Asynchronous Ajax and JQuery Deferred
  2. 2. About Jeff Fox (@jfox015) 16 year web development professional (Almost) entirely self taught Thorough front and back end experience Develops JavaScript based web apps that rely on JSON and Ajax for data workflow
  3. 3. Overview JSON and Ajax Review Asynchronous operations The Deferred Pattern Using Deferred with JQuery Live Demo Final Wrap Up
  4. 4. JSON and Ajax Review
  5. 5. JSON Highlights A lightweight text based data interchange format Use it to transfer JavaScript object data to and from a remote data source Language independent Based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language Easy to understand, manipulate and generate
  6. 6. Ajax Highlights Ajax is “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” JavaScript API for exchanging data with a web server and returning the response to JavaScript First created by Microsoft before being standardized by the open source community and W3C Faster data exchange than sending and loading full web pages Can either make for a better user experience or hinder it
  7. 7. Onto Asynchronous operations
  8. 8. Asynchronous operations are… Operations that occur without a regular or predictable time relationship to a specified event such as a mouse click or time interval Often times unpredictable when used on the Web Linear functions within a script will may be executed even before the Ajax operation has responded
  9. 9. Examples of Asynchronous operations Function Callbacks Animations Polling External Data Calls (Ajax) User Events
  10. 10. The Deferred Pattern and Promises/A
  11. 11. No…Not that kind of pattern
  12. 12. The Deferred Design Pattern Describes an object which acts as a proxy for a process or action that may or may not have completed Can be applied to any asynchronous process such as AJAX requests, scripted animations, or web workers Allows you to specify what will occur when the delayed process either completes or fails Helps to abstract away the "when" part of your asynchronous processes
  13. 13. Promises/A A open spec created to simply detail the expected functionality of then() functions. A guide for developers and JS lib creators to build common and cohesive then() support JQuery 1.9.1 currently does not provide full support for this spec as written
  14. 14. Using Deferred with JQuery
  15. 15. Old method for handling Ajax Requests $.ajax({ url: "/aphppage.php", success: function() { // handle success }, error: function() { // handle error });
  16. 16. The JQuery Deferred object Allows multiple listeners to Ajax events without manually chaining callbacks Can be manually created via the $.Deferred() method Can register callback functions if deferred resolves successfully, is rejected or notify of progress towards a resolved state Can be passed around indefinitely Callbacks can continue to be added during the entire lifetime of the deferred object, even if it is in a resolved state
  17. 17. More JQuery Deferred Starts out in a Pending state. Can only be resolved once in lifecycle. Calls all listeners immediately (albeit asynchronously) once it is resolved. Will execute any new callbacks immediately if it is resolved.
  18. 18. Ajax Resolution and Rejection JQuery's ajax() method will call resolve() on the deferred it returns when the request completes successfully, and reject() if the request fails (for example, a 404 HTTP response). resolve() and reject() can also be manually executed on any manually created Deferred object
  19. 19. The JQuery Deferred Promise A Promise is a read-only JQuery Deferred object These are returned by default by all JQuery Ajax methods They give us back functional composition and error bubbling in the asynchronous world
  20. 20. Handling completed promises done() is the default callback for handling a successful Ajax operation $.get(url) .done(function(){ alert(“Operation done.”); }); fail() is the default handler for operations that are rejected. $.get(url) .done(function(){ alert(“Operation done.”); }) .fail(function(){ alert(“Operation failed.”); });
  21. 21. Handling completed promises always() executed regardless of whether done or fail are completed $.get(“someurl.php”) .done(function(){ alert(“Operation done.”); }) .fail(function(){ alert(“Operation failed.”); }) .always(function() { alert(“Operations complete.”});
  22. 22. Handling completed promises Multiple callbacks can be assigned to Deferred objects Callbacks are executed in the order they were added.
  23. 23. Handling multiple deferred operations $.when() accepts one or more promises and produces a new promise that will only resolve when all the supplied objects have completed or failed If a single argument is passed that is not a Deferred or Promise, it will be treated as a resolved Deferred and any callbacks will be executed immediately var emp_def = $.get(“employees”), loc_def = $.get(“locations”); $.when(emp_def, loc_def) .done(function(emp_resp, loc_resp){ alert(“Operations done.”); });
  24. 24. Handling multiple deferred operations $.then() adds handlers to be called when the Deferred object is resolved, rejected, or still in progress. As of JQuery 1.8, returns a new promise that can filter the status and values of a deferred through a function Replaces the deprecated pipe() function
  25. 25. Simple Then example when( promise1, promise2, ... ).then(function( futureValue1, futureValue2, ... ){ /* all promises have completed successfully */ }, function(){ /* error(s) occurred*/ });
  26. 26. Notifying Deferred Objects JQuery 1.7+ includes the concept of progress to a deferred progress() allows you to attach callbacks that are executed when notify() is called on the deferred This allows the deferred to represent the concept of progress towards a resolved state Can be attached to long loading processes to update a progress bar, for example
  27. 27. Live Examples
  28. 28. Demos Simple static Deferred execution examples Deferred object applied to Dynamic App demo Combining multiple Ajax calls with when() and then()
  29. 29. Resources JQuery Deferred API Spec: An introduction to JQuery Deferred by Daniel Demmel introduction-to-jquery-deferred-slash-promise/ Download Example Code:
  30. 30. Resources You're Missing the Point of Promises by Domenic Denicola point-of-promises/ Making Promises With JQuery Deferred -promises-with-jquery-deferred.html Image Pre-loader using Deferred Object:
  31. 31. Resources JS Libs with Promises/A support:  Q by Kris Kowal and Domenic Denicola: a full-featured promise library with a large, powerful API surface, adapters for Node.js, progress support, and preliminary support for long stack traces.  RSVP.js by Yehuda Katz: a very small and lightweight, but still fully compliant, promise library.  when.js by Brian Cavalier: an intermediate library with utilities for managing collections of eventual tasks, as well as support for both progress and cancellation.
  32. 32. Questions?