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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Implementing Social Media PCMA Nov 9, 2010 Janet Fouts :: Social Media Coach :: Tatu Digital Media ::
  2. 2. Something for Everyone n C level-Brand building, reputation n Sales-Referrals, relationship building n HR-screening and sourcing n PR-research, tracking and outreach n Customer service- monitoring and response
  3. 3. Find the conversations n Blogs n Linkedin n Forums n Facebook n Twitter n Communities n Ning/Yahoo/Google
  4. 4. The dark side
  5. 5. The dark side n BP ‘s Tony Hayward going sailing n Crocs and mommy n Once it’s out there, it’s out there n Privacy issues n If you’re not listening you won’t know until it’s too late
  6. 6. You can’t control it only encourage it
  7. 7. Execs using social media n Forbes Insights 2009
  8. 8. Michael Dell n “You can improve your reaction time, and you can be a better company by listening and being involved in the conversation”
  9. 9. Suzi Pomerantz
  10. 10. Suzi Pomerantz n Coaching for 17 years n 10,356 followers on Twitter n 1600 fans on Facebook n 500+ connections on LinkedIn n
  11. 11. Doug Ulman- LivestrongIn 2009: n @livestrong, 63,000 followers n @livestrongceo, 1,007,958 n @lancearmstrong, 2,449,311 n Facebook: 769,167 fans n YouTube: 2,270 Subscribers “Transparency and authenticity are two important factors in our work and social media allows us to amplify both in a significant way.”
  12. 12. Doing it right
  13. 13. Results n LIVESTRONG Challenge raised $10.8 million – a record for the 13-year event in a down economic year. n Online store sales set a new record in the rough 2009 holiday season. n LIVESTRONG collected 70,000 signatures for a healthcare petition. n Twitter matching challenges have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  14. 14. Adam Urbanski n Twitter followers 6964 n Facebook 4761 n Linkedin 500+ n
  15. 15. Social business
  16. 16. LinkedIn n 67 million users n 150 industries world-wide n Recruiting and HR research n Contact management n Networking n Research
  17. 17. Xing n Largest European network n Very big in Asia as well n First Web 2.0 co to go public n 10 million users
  18. 18. Twitter n 145 million users n 300,000 apps n 800 million searches per day n Limited to 140 characters/message n Considered “micro-blogging”
  19. 19. Blogging n Short for Web log n Wordpress 200 million visits/month n Open source n Hosted or self-hosted
  20. 20. Facebook n World’s largest social network n 500 million users n 200 million use it on mobile apps n Accounts for 1 in 4 display ads online
  21. 21. YouTube n 18 billion views/day n Now owned by Google n One of several video channels including Vimeo, Viddler, n Revenue generating options
  22. 22. SlideShare n Share Powerpoint, PDF, video or OpenOffice presentations n Amazing resource for data gathering n Download, share and rate presentations
  23. 23. Gist n Add contacts from multiple networks n News and updates from your personalnetwork n Prioritize contacts and information n Android and iPhone apps
  24. 24. Where to start? n Benchmarks and measurement n Monitoring n Listening (yes it’s different) n Social media strategy n Corporate social policies n Resource allocation
  25. 25. Listen, engage, repeat
  26. 26. Build Relationships before you need them
  27. 27. Who’s going to do it? n YOU n Execs n Junior staff n Assistants n Virtual assistants n Automation do’s and don’ts
  28. 28. Should you blog? n Yes n No n Maybe
  29. 29. Janet Fouts :: Social Media Coach :: Tatu Digital Media :: Twitter- @Jfouts Linkedin - JanetFouts 408.216.7423 Ask me anything!