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C ass richard iii vs tess


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ppt for 10n/En1 (Fr) on the title of the controlled assessment for Shakespeare and the English Literary Heritage

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C ass richard iii vs tess

  1. 1. CA task on Shakespeare and the EnglishLiterary Heritage – Y10 May/June 2012 Explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents one of the relationships in ‘Richard III’ and compare how Hardy presents one of the relationships in ‘Tess’.
  2. 2. What are the significantrelationships in the play?Who do you blame for Richards’sdownfall? Was it all his own fault? Thinkabout this as you learn more about thecharacter of Richard.Which relationship in ‘Tess’ would provide and interestingcomparison? Support your answer with specific examples.
  3. 3. Remember…When you come to produce the final piecefor this task, it will be easier for you tostructure your answer if you draw linksbetween the texts, taking an idea of howthe relationship is presented in ‘Richard III’and then thinking about what the point ofcomparison with ‘Tess’ would be. So bethinking about this when points are madeabout ‘Richard III’.
  4. 4. Also:You are comparing a play with a novel andwill be watching different directors’ ideasabout how to present a performance ofRichard IIIThink about the nature of dramaticpresentation compared to the creation of anarrative voice
  5. 5. And:For this task it is important to:Engage with the writers’ ideas and attitudes,making your own interpretations of the textsupported by textual detailAnalyse the language and structure of the textsExplore links and comparisons between the textsComment on the social, cultural and historicalcontexts of the texts (remember that you arecomparing an early 17th century play with a 19thcentury novel)
  6. 6. One last thing before we begin:Relax! Easy to say, harderto do but try to enjoy thismost bloody andentertaining play. It was thepopular entertainment of itsday, it was not intended tobe difficult or elitist. Youneed to focus on what’simportant and not getworked up about details orindividual words that youdon’t understand…