Marlboro geologic water overview 05 05-2010


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Marlboro geologic water overview 05 05-2010

  1. 1. The Everyday GIS<br />Geologic Municipal Management System<br />
  2. 2. Spatial Data Logic<br />SDL is based in Somerset, NJ<br />SDL develops and sells GIS based software<br />Geologic : Packages GIS workflow solution designed for municipal and county departments.<br />Arc2Earth : a ArcGIS extension that converts GIS data into Google, Microsoft and other open source mapping technologies<br />ESRI Business Partner: SDL is an ESRI Authorized reseller, Authorized consultant, and OEM Partner. <br />SDL provides consulting services to a number of clients, such as the City of Portland, Oregon, Fidelity Information System, etc<br />SDL provide GIS development and conversation services.<br />
  3. 3. SDL Client Base<br />Smallest Client Has 2 Seats of Software and 8,000 Residents<br />LargestClient Has 75 Seats and 80,000 Residents<br />Actual Users Range From Beginner to High-tech Professional<br />Key Clients<br />City of New Brunswick<br />Brick Township<br />City of Bayonne<br />Franklin Township<br />Towns in proximity to Marlboro<br />Brick, Howell, New Brunswick, Franklin<br />
  4. 4. GeoLogic Desktop<br /><ul><li>Integration of Department and GIS Data
  5. 5. Centralized Complaint, Reporting and Document Management
  6. 6. Easy to use GIS that Automatically Links Data Across All Departments</li></li></ul><li>GeoLogicModules<br /><ul><li>Assessor
  7. 7. Building Department
  8. 8. Code Enforcement
  9. 9. Land Use / Zoning
  10. 10. Health Department
  11. 11. Pet Licensing
  12. 12. Fire Prevention
  13. 13. Public Works
  14. 14. Water Department
  15. 15. Sewer Department
  16. 16. Engineering Department
  17. 17. Planning Board
  18. 18. Board of Adjustment
  19. 19. Clerk / Administration</li></li></ul><li>Public Works Module<br />Key features:<br /><ul><li>Manage complaints to create work orders
  20. 20. Manage and track work orders, labor, materials, and equipment usage
  21. 21. Manage Storm water system assets
  22. 22. Manage Municipal facilities and other assets</li></li></ul><li>Asset Management<br />Key Features:<br /><ul><li>Track and Manage Signs
  23. 23. Track and Manage Shade Trees
  24. 24. Track and Manage Roads
  25. 25. Track and Manage Walkways
  26. 26. Track and Manage Public Facilities
  27. 27. Track and Manage Municipal Buildings</li></li></ul><li>Storm Water Management<br />Key Features:<br /><ul><li>Track and Mange Inlets and Catch basin details, cleaning, and inspections
  28. 28. Track and maintain Outfalls details, dry flows, and inspections
  29. 29. Differentiate Private, Municipal, County and State features</li></li></ul><li>Water Utility Module<br />Key features:<br /><ul><li>Manage and track Water System features, including Hydrants, Valves, booster stations, and tanks.
  30. 30. Manage work orders and road openings including flow tests
  31. 31. Track complaints and inspections of assets</li></li></ul><li>Sewer Utility Module<br />Key features:<br /><ul><li>Manage and track Sewer System features, Manholes, Pipes, Pump Stations and STP’s
  32. 32. Manage work orders and road openings
  33. 33. Track complaints and inspections of assets</li></li></ul><li>Municipal Portal<br />Key features:<br /><ul><li>Enable Citizens, Realtors, Potential Residents to Access from web
  34. 34. Allow Users to Enter Permits or Complaints Online
  35. 35. Includes Online Mapping, Online Document Imaging and Departmental Form Entry
  36. 36. Linked with Township Run Municipal Website</li></li></ul><li>Searching<br /><ul><li>Tax Data
  37. 37. Building Data
  38. 38. Other Modules</li></li></ul><li>Portal Overview – Online Entry<br /><ul><li>Permits
  39. 39. Based on Templates
  40. 40. Town decides what permits to accept online
  41. 41. Can be turned on and off at anytime
  42. 42. Integrated into module home page and data grid
  43. 43. Inspection Requests
  44. 44. Integrated into homepage and data grid
  45. 45. Notifies user automatically through portal and email
  46. 46. Citizen Complaints
  47. 47. Integrated into homepage and data grid
  48. 48. Complements enhanced complaint management in modules</li></li></ul><li>Portal Options – Internet Mapping<br /><ul><li>Uses Google Maps with uploaded GIS Layers
  49. 49. Can export to Google Earth
  50. 50. Future – Integration into MS Visual Earth</li></li></ul><li>Portal Options – Internet Mapping<br />Town decides what layers each user group can see.<br />
  51. 51. Public Works /Water Utility Concept<br />Import Data and mapping from CarteGraph<br />Sync Billing Data from MSI<br />Expand work orders for a Meter Management routine <br />
  52. 52. Things that Set SDL Apart<br />Inter-departmental Workflow and Data Sharing (Project Concept)<br /> Technical /Customer Support<br />Automatic Updates<br />GIS Integration<br />Municipal Portal<br />Integrated Complaint Management<br />
  53. 53. Geologic Licensing<br />Three Models<br />Per Computer – Licensing fee for each computer purchased for all modules , with discounts for volume.<br />Enterprise License – One fee per year for all computer through out township plus the portal.<br />State Contract – Through Dell / ASAP <br />
  54. 54. Contact SDL<br /><br />Sales and Marketing (732)357-1280<br />Request Product Literature<br />Schedule a Product Demonstration<br />Request a Price Proposal<br />Technical Support (800)805-9695<br />