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How to create a Toon Doo


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How to create a Toon Doo

  1. 1. Created by Julie Lindsay
  2. 3. <ul><li>Toondoo’s allow uses to create their own </li></ul><ul><li>unique comic strips. </li></ul>
  3. 4. You can use one, two or three panel comic strips.
  4. 5. Toondoo’s can be published to the Toondoo Website or a Blog.
  5. 6. How to get started with Toondoo? Type into the address bar on your internet browser.
  6. 7. The Toondoo Index page will appear, then click Register
  7. 8. Type Username, Password and Email ID Then click Register
  8. 9. Your next screen will say ”Congratulations! You’re a ToonDude now! Login! Type in Username, Type in Password Then click on Sign In
  9. 10. This Tab will appear Click on Yes or No.
  10. 11. You are now in Toon Doo. It will say Hello ……… (Your username) And Welcome to Toodoo! Create your own comic strips, publish, share & discuss.
  11. 12. Hold curser over tabs for more choices Click the pencil to create your own Toon Doo
  12. 13. Double click on a white box to select your layout style
  13. 14. Select items from the menu to go in your cartoon, characters, background, props, shapes etc. Hold your curser over these tabs for New, Open, Save, Save as, Feedback .
  14. 15. Now your ready to create your Toon Doo! Select your Background, Character, props etc. Click and drag onto your cartoon strip. Click and drag
  15. 16. There are plenty of backgrounds to choose Call outs and text can be added to your cartoon. Select buttons on the tool palette to resize characters and speech balloons.
  16. 17. Creating your Toon Doo! Be creative! Have fun!
  17. 18. Now you have finished, click save icon at the top of the screen. Enter a title, description and tags (if desired) for your toon. Make it public or private Choose view it now or view it later.
  18. 19. Click Publish
  19. 20. Click on View to see your Toon Doo Cartoon Strip Click on Edit to make changes Now you can show the world your Toon Doo Cartoon Strip on Blog or Wiki.
  20. 22. How to create a Toon Doo by Julie Lindsay Cert III Information Technology Wauchope Campus 23 September 2008