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Propolis Vaporizers and Diffusers


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What is a propolis vaporizer and why does it work? The healthy effects of propolis when diffused from a vaporizer and the proven effects of propolis against viruses, influenza, mold and air pollution reduction.

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Propolis Vaporizers and Diffusers

  1. 1. Happy Therapie from Bee Healthy Farms Your Apitherapy Boutique
  2. 2. What is Apitherapy? Use of products from the beehive, documented scientifically since Hippocrates:  Honey  Propolis  Bee Pollen  Royal Jelly  Bee Bread  Bees Wax  Venom
  3. 3. What are the Benefits of Propolis? 300 compounds possessing numerous properties:  Antibacterial  Antiseptic  Antioxidant  Antifungal  Antiviral  Anti-inflammatory  Anti-tumor  Strengthens immune system•Numerous documented studies
  4. 4. What is Propolis? A bioflavonoid rich product harvested from tree & plant resin by honey bees Major active compounds in propolis from Popular trees  Flavonoids (20 à 30%) :  Flavanones (Naringenine, hesperidine)  Flavones (Apigenine, chrysine, luteoline)  Flavonols (Galangine, kaempferol) Other phenolic compounds (≈ 20%)  Aromatic acids  Aromatic Esters acids  Plus 300 other identified compounds
  5. 5. Anti-influenza Action with PropolisSimilar results were reported in anotherstudy during the flu epidemic of 1978(Ceplak et al., 1978)
  6. 6. Propolis Anti-influenza Activity
  7. 7. Pathophysiology of Influenza Transmission  By respiratory airways  By physical contact Effects on the respiratory system  Destroys epithelial layer  Loss of ciliaire function  Modifies mucus lining  Local inflammation  Bacterial infections
  8. 8. Influenza Statistics Numerous epidemic crises during the last century  1918: Spanish Flu (20 to 40 million dead worldwide)  1947: Italian Flu  1957: Asian Flu (2 million dead)  1968: Hong Kong Flu (1 million dead)  1997: Aviarian Flu  2009: H1N1 Virus (declared epidemic by World Health Organisation)
  9. 9. The Flu in France Each year 5 to 15% of the population is infected. From 1500 to 5000 die/year mostly from people at high risk; infants, seniors, etc. Sudden Dry Cold Aching Difficulty high fever cough chills muscules breathing
  10. 10. Propolair Propolis Vaporizers Antiseptic and easy to use  Plug it in  Turn it on  Breathe naturally
  11. 11. Studies of Propolair Vaporizers*Proven effective in numerous studies: 72% - reduction of airborne bacteria 61% – improved school attendance w/ fewer sick, fewer days absent 15 - 70% - reduction of airborne pollutants: benzenes, hydrocarbons… found in urban zones & tobacco smoke 0% allergic reactions reported*studies conducted by Ministries of Health in Milan & Turin Italy
  12. 12. Studies of Propolair Vaporizers* Microbes in Classroom School Attendance No. of samples No. of colonies 1998 w/o vaporizer 1999 w/ vaporizer100 90 25 80 70 20 absences 60 15 50 40 10 30 20 5 10 0 0 1st day 2nd day 3rd day Jan Feb March *studies conducted by Ministries of Health; Milan & Turin Italy
  13. 13. Studies of Propolair Vaporizers* Reduction of Airborne Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons w/o PropolAir with PropolAir 0.25 0.2 mg/m3 0.15 0.1 0.05 0 phenanthrene phluorantene pyrene benzo(a) cris ene benzo(b) benzo(a) anthracene phluorantene pyrene* Laboratorio Chimico CCIAA TO(Method MII525 Rev. 1:2001 HPLC-FLD, Dec 2003)
  14. 14. Studies of Propolair Vaporizers* Antifungal (antimold) effects  Conducted with Propolair Car Vaporizer BEFORE AFTER *Dr G Case, Tallahassee Florida Sept, 2009 (
  15. 15. Propolis Vaporizers Everywhere Vaporizers for cars, trucks, taxis and buses Vaporizers for the home, office, nursery, clinic, school, store and waiting room
  16. 16. Studies on Urban Air Pollution A simple, safe solution against daily exposure to air pollution, BUT also protection against is mold, bacteria and it ollu tion air p eased boosts the immune pos o ure t ith incr e y. Th ar «ex w idit system! ciated d morb ovascul asso ty an a r di ost ali dc em mort atory an to be th resp ir ar ms a ppe syste d» te affec *WHO Urban air pollution, Ch.17, 2004
  17. 17. Clientele Include: Doctors Dentists Schools Health Clubs Medical Clinics Retirement homes Group Homes Day Care Centers Veterinary Clinics
  18. 18. Testimonials “For the human condition, a propolis vaporizer is the perfect natural solution to aid those with respiratory ailments and protecting and boosting the immune system. Best of all, it is totally complementary with other treatments.” Moisés Asís, PhD, apitherapist “As a family medical practitioner I know my office is exposed to numerous microbes, viruses and even mold daily. I cannot think of a better 24/7 solution to naturally sanitize my office and improve my breathing than with a propolis vaporizer. The importance of the propolis (excellent for the lungs and immune system) is its complementary functionality with other treatments. From acupuncture to ayurveda and homeopathy to naturopathy, it is a valuable link to any holistic/integrative protocol.” Stefan Stangaciu, MD
  19. 19. Contact Info: BeeHealthy.Farms American Office  Missouri +1-845-926-1826 European Office  France +033-982-22-62-52 Worldwide Shipping 