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Pc 10.1 notes_tangents


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Finding the inclination of a line and also the angle between two lines

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Pc 10.1 notes_tangents

  1. 1. 10.1 Tangent Lines Objective: 1) Find the angle of inclination and slope of a line. 2) Find the angle between 2 lines. Standard: Trigonometry 7.0
  2. 2. Warm-up:1) Find the slope of the line containing thetwo points (–4, 1) and (3, 6).2) What is the angle this line makes withthe x-axis?
  3. 3. Inclination and SlopeInclination:· The ___________ _________ less than ___measured _________________ from the x-axis to the line.Slope:· If a non-vertical line has an inclinationof θ and a slope of m, then…
  4. 4. Ex. 1) Find the inclination.Find the angle of inclination of the linegiven by 5x–7y+3=0.
  5. 5. Ex. 1b) Find the inclination of 3x+4y=7.
  6. 6. What about the anglebetween 2 lines?
  7. 7. Angles between lines: (Where m1 and m2 are the slopes of two non-perpendicular lines)
  8. 8. Ex. 2) Find the angle between the twofollowing lines.2x + y = 4x–y=2
  9. 9. Ex. 3) Application:A straight road rises with the inclination of0.20 radians from the horizontal. Find theslope of the road and the change inelevation of a 2-mile stretch of the road.
  10. 10. Percent Road Grade
  11. 11. Ex. 4) Find the equation of the line with aninclination of 120° and through the point(-3, 5).
  12. 12. Assignment:#5 p. 732#9-31 (odd),51, 53, 56