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Gsb607 professional ethics


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Gsb607 professional ethics

  1. 1. WelcomeIn this activity we are going to look at a scenario that could arise in theworkplace regarding ethics. At certain points, you will need to chooseactions and make decisions based on the scenario.ABC company is a specialist accounting firm that provides variousaccounting solutions to the local community. In this scenario we willmeet Andrea and help her explore her options when faced with anethical dilemma that arises from an instruction provided by the CEO,Adam.Click next to meet AndreaNext
  2. 2. AndreaAndrea was hired as a graduate traineeaccountant. She started with ABC company 6months ago. She is shy and timid and tends tothink long and hard before making decisions.The tasks Andrea has been allocated in her firstsix months at the company have been basicand menial at best. She doesn’t mind as sheknows she needs to start somewhere and shegets more exposure to more experiencedprofessionals.More
  3. 3. AndreaA core part of her university degree taught herthat ethics is an important issues in today’ssociety and that every decision must beexecuted with a degree of thought beforeaction. She expects that ABC Company’slegitimate and ethical interest will be identifiedby the organisation through internalstatements, policies and processes, andprofessional codes of ethics.Click next to meet Adam the CEONext
  4. 4. AdamAdam is the CEO of ABC Company. He isresponsible for all decisions made within thecompany and has been CEO for 10 years. He has toensure all employees know the company’s policiesand procedures, and understand their professionalresponsibilities so that every decision taken haseveryone’s best interests in mind. Adam is knownin the industry as a ‘bit of a cowboy’Click ‘Start the Scenario’ to begin.Start the Scenario
  5. 5. Andrea is busy preparing the end of financial year reports. Shehas been given access to the whole company’s financial records.Next
  6. 6. Adam enters Andrea’s office concernedIm concerned that this year’s report wont live up tothe boards expectations.That’s worrying. Is there anythingwe could do?Next
  7. 7. I’m going to make a few suggestions and send themto you. Can you possibly follow them up and putthem into the report?Sure! Anything to get someexperience.Next
  8. 8. Andrea receives the suggestionsNextThis is weird! Adam has asked meto make a massive change here.He couldn’t possibly be thinkingabout falsifying the figures. I’llhave to ask him about it
  9. 9. Andrea enters Adam’s office concernedAdam, can I ask you a question about yoursuggestions?Sure!Next
  10. 10. You’ve recommended I report a 100% increase inwork in progress for the current quarter?Yeah … and?Next
  11. 11. Just that, uh, that’s not accurate.Just do as you’re told!