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How to be silly (on the Internet) for a living


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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How to be silly (on the Internet) for a living

  1. 1. How to be silly (on the internet) for a livingWe made this in PowerPoint. This is a shameful fact. A possible SXSW panel made with love by: Jason Oberholtzer (I love Charts) Kendall Gilliland (This is not that blog) Jessica Hagy (Indexed) & Jeff Wysaski (Pleated Jeans)
  2. 2. We make our livingsmaking things like this:
  3. 3. And this:
  4. 4. And this:
  5. 5. And this:
  6. 6. And this:
  7. 7. And this:
  8. 8. And this:
  9. 9. And this:
  10. 10. And we’ll tell you how the Hell that’s even possible (if this panel gets approved).