1. What is a myth, today? I shall give at the outset a first, very simple answer, which is perfectly consistent with etymology: myth is a type of speech. —Roland Barthes, “Myth Today” (1957)
  2. signifier signified SIGN Saussure’s model of semiology
  3. Textsignifiersignifier signifiedsignified SIGNSIGN signifiersignifier signifiedsignified SIGNSIGN ll anan gugu aa gege MYMY THTH Barthes’ model of myth as a “metalanguage,” a “second-order semiology”
  4. Text ll aa nn gg uu aa gg ee MYMY THTH Semiotics of the Marlboro Ad: Lone male figure, clothing, cigarette,Lone male figure, clothing, cigarette, lasso, wood cabin, harness/tackle,lasso, wood cabin, harness/tackle, cigarette packs, “Come to where thecigarette packs, “Come to where the flavor is.”flavor is.” ““Marlboro Red or Longhorn 100s—youMarlboro Red or Longhorn 100s—you get a lot to like”get a lot to like” [Surgeon General’s warning][Surgeon General’s warning] signifier(s) signifiedsignified:: Cowboy,Cowboy, solitude, strength, frontiersolitude, strength, frontier ruggedness, masculinityruggedness, masculinity signifiedsignified:: Masculine prowessMasculine prowess conferredconferred by consuming the cigaretteby consuming the cigaretteSIGN: Marlboro AdSIGN: Marlboro Adsignifiersignifier: Marlboro Ad: Marlboro Ad AMERICAN FREEDOM/STRENGTHAMERICAN FREEDOM/STRENGTHSIGN:SIGN:
  5. “Myth is depoliticized speech”
  6. Textsignifiers:signifiers: rectangle, cloth, stars, stripes,rectangle, cloth, stars, stripes, signifiedsignified:: original colonies, current statesoriginal colonies, current states SIGN: FLAGSIGN: FLAG signifiersignifier: FLAG: FLAG signified:signified: AMERICAAMERICA (country)(country) SIGN: AMERICA (nation)SIGN: AMERICA (nation) ll anan gugu aa gege MYMY THTH Semiotics of the American Flag:
  7. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Ad Council, “Freedom”
  8. Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Questions), 1991 Text