The spirit level slides from the equality trust


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The spirit level slides from the equality trust

  1. 1. From: Joao Ferreira de Almeida <> Date: 30 de Março de 2010 15:39:53 WEST To: "Ferreira. Almeida" <> Subject: The Spirit Level - slides from The Equality Trust SlideShare. Present yourself. H HOME BUSINESS CHANNELS EVENTS BROWSE UPLOAD B C E B Search guest! Signup Login All Languages The Spirit Level - slides from The Equality Trust Email Favorite Download More… Twitter Facebook Buzz WordPress Blogger more » 3 comments Comments 1 - 3 of 3 comments Post a comment + MercuryChaos 3 weeks ago This is a good resource. The one issue I have with it is the data on obesity - I can see on the final slide that 'obesity' is defined as a body mass index higher than 30. The BMI formula is not based in medical science, and it’s not a reliable indicator of obesity or health: + Just Film 3 weeks ago Could be very useful in the run up to the general election. + picturewoman 2 months ago This is an excellent and concise presentation of what we all know to be true. Please send this to your federal, state and local representatives. Login or Signup to post a comment no notes for slide #1 4 Favorites credko 1 month ago whiteles 1 month ago hm2vikingrn 2 months ago Tags health care reform
  2. 2. Roger Payne, consultant and mountain guide at any space, 4 months ago Tags equity trust The Spirit Level - slides from The Equality Trust - Presentation Transcript
  3. 3. + The Equality Trust, 4 months ago Embed 7709 views, 4 favs, 22 embeds more Related Presentations It's Time To Review - And Renew - Your Telecommuting Policy H Health Inequalities Class 1665 views T The Jubilee Line of health inequality 2869 views T The geography of health inequalities 185 views S Social Determinants of Health Inequalities 328 views S Social Determinants of Health Inequalities Into Policy Act… 304 views T Transforming health inequalities projects (by employing an… 645 views U Understanding Health Inequities in Boston 1209 views H Health Inequalities 1047 views S Social Determinants Of Health Inequalities 808 views D Demography Seminar - Liz Rolfe, South West PHO (05.11.2009) 232 views ADVERTISE ON SLIDESHARE About this presentation © All Rights Reserved Favorites 4 Comments 3 Downloads 356 Total Views 7709 4607 on SlideShare 3102 from embeds Embed views 3032 views on 15 views on 10 views on
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