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Communicating Across Cultures With Social Media - Social Media Brasil 2010 (English)


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Presentation for Social Media Brasil 2010.


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Communicating Across Cultures With Social Media - Social Media Brasil 2010 (English)

  1. 1. Jessica Faye Carter // Social Media Brasil // 24 June 2010
  2. 2. Companies are using social media to connect with users on multiple levels. And they are using culture to do it.
  3. 3. In business… State Farm launched Bollystar, a social media site designed to reach South Asian consumers and other fans of Bollywood
  4. 4. In entertainment… The NBA recently launched énebéa, a social media site for Spanish-speaking basketball fans around the world
  5. 5. Even in search… is a search engine that filters Internet content for Muslims
  6. 6. Why companies are doing this •  Value of The Long Tail •  Provide personalized user experience •  Buying power of cultural groups increasing •  Various market segmentation •  To increase sales and profitability
  7. 7. Today’s discussion •  Culture basics •  What companies and organizations are doing •  Challenges with social media and culture •  Best practices
  8. 8. How we talk about culture •  Different ways we talk about culture –  From the Latin cultura, “to cultivate” –  Refinement, the arts, things congruent with the notion of being civilized –  Mental programming or “software of the mind”
  9. 9. Mental programming Specific to Inherited individual and learned PERSONALITY Specific to group Learned or category CULTURE Universal Inherited HUMAN NATURE Source: Hofstede, Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, 2005
  10. 10. What is culture? “Collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from others.” Source: Geert Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede, Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, 2005
  11. 11. We all belong to multiple cultures National & Education Regional Religion Level Origin Economic Military Gender Background Service Sexual Ethnicity Orientation/ Etc. Preference
  12. 12. How companies are connecting across culture
  13. 13. NBA // •  Connect with users on multiple levels of culture •  Provide content for a variety of interests •  Work with other culturally-specific social media sites •  Co-locate target site within larger brand
  14. 14. State Farm // •  Provide ways for users to actively engage the site •  Use incentives to encourage participation •  Partner with related sites to increase reach and influence •  Make it fun!
  15. 15. American Airlines // •  Test site in multiple stages •  Take audience perspective seriously •  Continual monitoring and engagement •  Highlight previous engagement with group
  16. 16. Unilever •  Target users by platform •  Use word-of-mouth marketing •  Don’t shy away from risk •  Expand the reach of successful strategies
  17. 17. CHALLENGES // Dificuldades •  Everyone won’t like the idea of connecting with culture •  Connect with individuals not “markets” •  Don’t limit cultures •  Avoid stereotyping •  Be careful with humor
  18. 18. BEST PRACTICES // Melhores Práticas •  Choose your platform(s) wisely •  Provide multiple connection points •  Avoid stereotyping •  Track site activity •  Respond to feedback •  Be willing to learn as you go!
  19. 19. THANK YOU // Obrigada For More Information email: twitter: © 2010 Jessica Faye Carter