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Mobile devices have become an integral part of the university environment – providing computing and connectivity in a way never before possible. Join ECU, NC State, and UNC-W for a panel discussion on organizing, implementing and deploying mobile-based services on campus.

Steve Forehand will talk about ECU's Onestop Mobile campus portal, which allows students to access course grades, course schedules, schedule appointments with their adviser, access Self Service Banner, and more.

Jason Austin will talk about organizing and growing NC State's mobile initiatives, ranging from their mobile Web site, iPhone applications, location-based applications and more.

Jeff Brown will talk about UNC-W's Value Add in the Hand initiative, which mixes text messaging with campus services and mobile gaming.

Emphasis will be on lessons learned and challenges encountered. Real-world examples will be highlighted.

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UNC CAUSE - Going Mobile On Campus

  1. 1. Going Mobile on Campus Steven Forehand - ECU Jason Austin - NCSU Jeff Brown - UNCW
  2. 2. East Carolina University Onestop Mobile Edition
  3. 3. Why Onestop Mobile? From “Flip Phone” to “Smart Phone” Internet everywhere ECU’s large and growing mobile community User expectations
  4. 4. What is Onestop Mobile? Web-based, home-grown “app” Compliments current ECU Onestop portal Supports / Integrates Sungard HE Banner Multiple devices with zero app code change
  5. 5. What is Onestop Mobile? Re-think and re-imagine Develop according to trends Initial focus on the student community Deployed November 5, 2009 Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad 49% Blackberry 17% Android 31% Other 3%
  6. 6. What’s Next? Currently 25% Usage Expand device support Staff / Faculty Apps ... More Student Apps Ownership to the Campus Community
  7. 7. blog.ecu.edu/sites/onestopMobile
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. NC State Mobile Campus call-to-action Mobile web Expanding to App Store Our apps The future...
  10. 10. Call-to-Action Community involvement up front Departments and Colleges Start small, grow according to demand
  11. 11. Mobile Web Cater to many device types Quick deployment, updating On-Campus expertise MIT Mobile Web
  12. 12. m.ncsu.edu v1 Directory access Bus tracking News YouTube channel
  13. 13. m.ncsu.edu v2 Added library tools Lab Computer availability Room reservations Book search Added dining hall menus and hours
  14. 14. App Store Fun :-/ Obtaining a developer license Managing the developer license The dreaded “C” word...committee
  15. 15. Mobile Initiatives Committee Cross-campus representation Guidance and leadership for mobile Provide campus resources Facilitate communications Manage Apple Developer License
  16. 16. iOS apps WolfWalk History of NC State GPS-enabled Photos, text
  17. 17. iOS apps WolfMatch Game with trivia Distance Education Collaboration with external vendor
  18. 18. mobile.ncsu.edu
  19. 19. Learn More... Follow @ncsumobile Email mobile@ncsu.edu Visit http://mobile.ncsu.edu Learn more Wed. @ 10:15am in the Carolina Room Where U At? Location-Based Services for Higher Ed
  20. 20. UNCW Mobile Development What is the best way to get information to students’ phones? Mobile browser Custom application SMS text message
  21. 21. Interactive Text Messaging User sends text message request Server sends response as text message Requires a Common Short Code Content Provider Message Aggregator Phone Companies
  22. 22. Some UNCW Applications Real-time bus locations Campus movie schedule Campus event alerts Grades Surf conditions
  23. 23. More UNCW Applications Word applications Spelling Anagrams Pattern matching
  24. 24. Advanced Applications Dining hall menus TakeTextPoll.com - polling by SMS Text to vote Dub Hunt - freshman experience scavenger hunt
  25. 25. More Advanced Apps CouponsToYourPhone.com Class wait list notification SMS to e-mail to SMS
  26. 26. Conclusions Successful Technology Transfer Platform for computer science student projects Students love it - usage is growing rapidly
  27. 27. Questions? Steven Forehand forehands@ecu.edu Jason Austin - @jason_austin jason_austin@ncsu.edu Jeff Brown brownj@uncw.edu http://joind.in/2006 Tell us how we did!