How Beer Made Me A Better Developer


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How Beer Made Me a Better Developer

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  • Introduction Name PHP history Developer at NC State
  • Why you are here? PHP Community Find a spark Spark of inspiration, spark of passion, spark of genius -> I’m here to talk about my spark, Beer!
  • What is pintlabs? BreweryDB BreweryMap -> Side project...WHY?
  • My daily job as an NC State developer Targeted problems Relatively small audience - at most 30-50k people Scale not a problem No system administration Focus on functionality, not so much “hotness” Upgrades are different Solve the same problems every day -> PintLabs is different
  • FREEDOM Work with an awesome team Make stuff that I want to use Use tech that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to Ownership Freedom to fail Find the PASSION of development.  break the mold. -> Some places frown on side projects
  • Close minded Ask why they don’t want you to work on a side project? “ focus on this project” “ we pay you enough so that you don’t need to” It’s not about need, it’s about want The people I want to work with want more out of development -> So when I look for a job or interview candidates...
  • I want people who work for me to have a side project Interview young developers / consult on dev hiring As someone hiring, who do I want on my team? Doing background work Github Website Blog Twitter feed Who are you as a developer? -> What do I and my full time employer get out of it?
  • For work... Doing research on my own time Can bring all these things back to my regular job Modular Zend Framework application w/ bootstraps Mysql Workbench Wouldn’t normally be exposed to these things For me... Challenge my preconceptions about dev practices Working with different developers and seeing how they do things Solve new problems in creative ways Work on things I don’t normally work on Scaling issues, Caching, AWS New DB techniques Triggers and views in MySQL Mongo Rewarding Example of guy in Denver telling me he had BreweryMap Example of Dogfish dash story from shaun - Mariah Calgione -> It’s gotta be awesome
  • What do you love? What do you care about? How can you make a difference? When it’s not... My previous work on startups... Why I did them in the first place Why they didn’t keep my satisfied -> How to get started?
  • Getting started on a side project Existing open source projects Join up, chip in where you can Pick up a dormant project that you have interest in Recruit your friends to help Start your own thing screw money, do something you care about Your day job pays the bills Find a problem, solve it better than anyone else Other brewery and beer maps out there Who cares?  Make your product awesome Find other people who care Community User Groups Do your research and then kick ass -> Set Personal Goals
  • Try new technologies? If so, don’t use the same framework or IDE or database Work with new people? If so, meet folks who care about the stuff you do Make a difference in a project? Find people, talk to people about your project Make a bazillion dollars? Good luck.  Not my area of expertise but there are more folks with ideas than good devs to implement them.    -> Wrap up...
  • Labor of love Make you a better dev More well rounded Exposed to new techs outside of your normal day to day job Shows you have passion, you want to learn more and keep sharp I wouldn’t work for a place that didn’t allow or encourage side work Ask yourself if your job is fulfilling If so, congrats.  You have a rare gift so cherish it. If not, ask yourself why not and how you can change it.   Have confidence in yourself that you can make something awesome and go do it.  Don’t just talk about it.  Get off your butt and do something.
  • How Beer Made Me A Better Developer

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