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Product work log template 2011 12-1


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Product work log template 2011 12-1

  1. 1. Product Work LogName______Jasmine___Fahrnbauer_____________________________ DateProduct ________Family Cookbook____________________________________________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:10/5/2011 Met with Ms. Carnes, my project1:00-1:30 facilitator. Commentary: She was my Nutrition and Wellness teacher at the beginning of the year. I thought she would have some good insight on how to incorporatenutritional ideas to include in my family cookbook. I told her about my product and my plan to create it. She gave me times I could come and meet with her. We took my picture and she filled out the project facilitator form.10/9/2011 Activity:3:00-3:30 Called my grandmother Commentary: I told her about my project. She was thrilled with my idea.I asked her when a goodtime would be to come over and get her recipes.
  2. 2. 10/19/2011 Activity:1:00-1:30 Went over to my grandma’s house Commentary: She pulled out the cookbooks and we started going though them. She informed me of all the recipes that she wanted in the cookbook. She agreed to teach me how to make all her recipes. She let me bring home the copies of the recipes to type up. She also told me she wanted to include my moms and aunts recipes as well. Activity:10/22/2011 Met with Ms. Carnes1:00-1:30 Commentary: Discussed steps on how to create the cookbook. She showed me examples of cookbooks she had and what kind I should make. Activity:10/26/2011 Met with Mrs. Carnes1:00-1:30 Commentary: She told me some ideas on how to create the outline and told me to contact my aunts to get recipes and bring her my rough draft of the cookbook. Activity:10/27/2011 Called my Aunt Donna, Aunt Becky,1:00-1:30 Aunt Shelly. Commentary: I informed them of my project idea, set up a day for them to come over, and asked them to come and bring recipes if
  3. 3. they had any. Activity:11/5/2011 My auntscame over5:00-7:00 Commentary: We discussed what recipes they wanted in it. They talked while I wrote down the recipes. They gave me the idea to make it pocket size because they said it would be more useful if it was easier to carry around.Since we didn’t have enough recipes, I asked them to email me some more when they had the time. Activity: Emailed aunts11/6/201112:00-12:30 Commentary: I needed more recipes for the cookbook so I emailed my aunts and asked them to keep sending me more until I reached over 40 Activity: Talked with my mom about project11/11/20111:00-1:30 Commentary: Sat down with my mom and asked for all her recipes that she wanted to include in my book. She gave me a lot more which helped me reach over my goal of 40
  4. 4. Activity: Began putting the cookbook together11/13/20114:00-5:30 Commentary: Finished collecting all my recipes from my aunts, mom and grandma. I laid out the recipe order, and typed the introduction, and contents. Activity: Typed up the recipes11/16/2011 Commentary:5:00-7:30 Began typing all the recipes on Microsoft.I had to be consistent with11/ 17/2011 my recipes and make sure all the10:30-11:00 recipes coordinated with each other,6:30-9:00 and Itweakthe ones that didn’t.This step took the longest. Activity: Worked on editing the book11/18/2011 Commentary:7:00-10:30 It was very time consuming to go through and make it look professional11/20/2011 and nice. I typed up about 55 pages on8:00-11:00 Microsoft Word. I checked for spelling mistakes, capitalization errors, punctuation, etc. Activity: Learned to cook Thanksgiving recipes11/22/2011 Commentary:1:00-5:30 On Thanksgiving Day, my whole family came over. This was the first day I was able to cook in the kitchen with my aunts, grandmother, and mom. I mainly watched them bake and helped cook the sugar cookies,
  5. 5. cranberry salad, and brownies Activity: Coordinated with my grandma to find times to come over12/1/20111:00-1:30 Commentary: This process was a little frustrating just because my grandma isn’t easy to get in contact with. She rarely uses her phone and checks her email. However, she finally responded and I set up another day for her to come over. Activity: Went to the grocery store Commentary:12/13/2011 Bought all the ingredients needed to6:00-6:30 cook potato pancakes and regular pancakes. Pretty difficult to find the exact brand of flour needed. Activity: Grandma came over and taught me how to cook potato pancakes, and sugar pancakes.12/15/20115:00-6:30 Commentary: This was one of the easiest recipes in the cookbook. So I decided to learn this one first. This was very fun, and great way to spend time with my grandmother. She taught me tricks about how you an substitutean egg for a banana or yogurt
  6. 6. Activity: Practiced cooking pancake recipe for my boyfriend and brother on my own12/17/2011 Commentary:11:00-11:30 After making the pancakes, my brother told me how good they were. This gave me confidence to try more recipes. Although it was easy to make, I was proud of the small steps I was making to become a better cook. Activity: Met with Ms. Carnes Commentary: Showed her the rough draft of my1/21/2012 cookbook. Had her look over it. She1:00-1:30 told me to fix the font and make the margins a little bit smaller. She also found some spelling and capitalization errors that I overlooked. Activity: Edited my cookbook Commentary: Went back and edited my cookbook and fixed the errors that Mrs. Carnes1/22/2012 found.3:00-4:00
  7. 7. Activity: Met with Mrs. Carnes Commentary: She looked over my final rough draft1/23/2012 before I went to go get it printed. She1:00-2:00 gave me advice to get it printed at Fed Ex Express. Activity: Printed book out Commentary: Went to Fed Ex Express three times this day. They kept messing up the printing2/1/2011 process do to computer issues. I would1:00-1:30 find the errors after I got home.3:00-4:00 However, finally I was able to get it all printed and bonded neatly and professionally. Activity: Grandma came over again and taught me how to cook sweet potato casserole, pork chops, and her apple pie.3/2/2012 Commentary:1:00-1:30 This was one of the best learning experiences for me. I was able to do the majority of the work only with a little assistance from my grandmother, and the recipes turned out great!
  8. 8. Activity: Made mom’s guacamole Commentary: Using cookbook, I created my mom’s famous guacamole dip for my sister3/21/2012 and her friend for a late night snack.11:00-11:30 Activity: Grandmother came over Commentary: She taught me how to cook the Marinated Salad using the recipe from the cookbook.3/27/201212:00-2:00 Activity: Made dinner for my family Commentary: Using my cookbook without assistance, I cooked fried rice for my family since it was one of my favorite4/7/2012 meals. I also made my aunts broccoli6:00-7:00 salad and my mom’s cheesecake. This turned out to be a huge success and the food tasted great! Made final copies of my cookbook and showed them to Ms. Carnes and she was very impressed!4/7/20122:30-3:30
  9. 9. Product Work LogName______Jasmine___Fahrnbauer_____________________________ Date __10/21/11____Product ________Family Cookbook____________________________________________________
  10. 10. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:11/27/20111:00-3:00 Commentary: