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Standford 1


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Standford 1

  1. 1. Starting Pointdifferent ways of knowing
  2. 2. From Stanford toFedor José Patricia
  3. 3. Where: always changingPatricia lives in Mundaka Jose was born in Barcelona, Spain and and now lives in Madrid, has been living for long he has been living in lot of placestime in Madrid, Pamplona such as: San Francisco, London, and San Sebastian Tokyo, Detroit, etc. Fedor was born in Moscu and also has been living in different places like London and San Francisco.
  4. 4. We have been working in different places andcompanies but we share two things:EDUCATION - the three of us has been working in places related with itCREATIVITY - a must for our work WORK
  5. 5. HobbiesPatricia José Sea Read Travel Nature Sport s Surf Cinema Friends & Family Fedor