Only Connect: Harvest the power of social media


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Harvest the power of social media. Presentation to support the Staffs Fest session at Staffordshire University, July 2012

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Only Connect: Harvest the power of social media

  1. 1. Only Connect: Harvesting the power of social mediaJulie Adams and Eleanor JohnstonInformation Services
  2. 2. Session outline• Personal learning networks – What, why, how• A look at some of the tools• Developing your own network – Where are you now – Getting where you want to be
  3. 3. Personal Learning Networks What? Why? How?
  4. 4. What is a PLN?an environment for a person to manage A network that consists of the people a connections learner interacts with and derives knowledge from.... a person makes a connection with another person with theThe PLN is an environment for specific intent that some type of learning a person to manage will occur because of that connection knowledge (whatever than (Wikipedia) means) PLNs provide individuals with all about using web tools such aslearning and access to leaders and blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook toexperts around the world bringingcreate connections with others which together communities, resources extend our learning, increases our and information. reflection while enabling us to learn together as part of a global community.
  5. 5. Why?Draw on a huge range of ideas and experiences of experts working in a wide range of roles, all over the world.• Connect with others• Collaborate: Share and exchange ideas and experience• Contribute• Inject creativity into everyday practice• Enjoy a constant flow of ideas• Encourage innovation• Develop enthusiasm and passion• Timely: learn what you need, when you need it.
  6. 6. ... but also... There are now huge it can amounts of be difficult information to get to available what we need PLNs can help filter the information downThe issue is “not information overload, but filter failure” Clay Shirky
  7. 7.
  8. 8. How?• You decide! – What tools you use – Who you connect with – How you want to learn – When you want to learn
  9. 9. Some tools we’ll look at...
  10. 10. Blogs • Directories: Technorati • Search: Google blog search, Google ‘experts’ namesFinding: • Social discovery – Twitter, Facebook • Other bloggers links • Links from other websites • RSS feedsFollow: • Choose your reader • University blog serverCreate: • Within some other tools • Free tools: Blogger
  11. 11. Social Network tools Linkedin Yammer Facebook Google+
  12. 12. Multimedia Social Media YouTube SlideShare Flickr
  13. 13. PLNs• See what others have said:
  14. 14. PLNs What does yours look like?What do you want it to look like?
  15. 15. Getting started... All networks start with a single connection... Find your entry point!...and build on it
  16. 16. Some quick ways to start• Pick 5 interesting blogs to read regularly• Subscribe to blogs e.g. Google Reader• Comment on the blogs• Join a social network• Read tweets and find some experts to follow• Bookmark and share things you find
  17. 17. Tips on building Your PLN• Dont just lurk – Comment, Engage and Participate• Start slowly (maybe find mentor(s) to help you)• Build your identity - use the same username across tools• Share as much as you take (resources, successes, failures, other connections)• Start conversations• Try new tools for yourself• Lifelong learning is the key!