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Killing Dewey


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One library's story about switching from Dewey to a modified BISAC classification system.

Published in: Education
  • Good food for thought. But I think you forgot one major con -- not standardized or objective. Library visitors (in person or virtual) from outside your district will not recognize the system, and patrons who visit another library in the country/world will not know how to navigate it. Thank you for sharing your slides!
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Killing Dewey

  1. 1. KILLING DEWEY Jezmynne Dene, MLIS Portneuf District Library Chubbuck, ID 83202
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Small library in Chubbuck, Idaho  12,000 patrons in our database  18,000 in our population area  13 employees  46,000 items, 6,000 non-book items A library that needed a theme
  3. 3. ABOUT OUR USERS Browsers Fiction readers This side of the Digital Divide
  4. 4. OUR INSPIRATION Overcrowded, unused collection Visit to Anythink! in Denver
  5. 5. WHAT WE DID Studied BISAC headings Made our own headings
  6. 6. WHAT WE DID Used words instead of nonsensical numbers and decimal points
  7. 7. WHERE DID WE CHANGE Nonfiction first  User surveys Juvenile nonfiction second  Matched juvenile nonfiction to school projects
  8. 8. WHEN DID WE CHANGE PLAN A: Initially going to do section by section  Create space, pull and relabel materials  Pull one heading at a time
  9. 9. WHEN DID WE CHANGE UNPLANNED B: Renovation  Boxed the library, in rough order of new headings  Unboxed in rough order
  10. 10. HOW DID WE CHANGE Planned!  One year  Weeded, heavily!  Created our subject headings and sub categories  Planned our new labels  Planned shelves and locations
  11. 11. WHY WE DID IT Better categories OUR categories Mimic bookstore browsing Make more sense for our community
  12. 12. HOW LONG IT TOOK Closed 2 weeks for renovations Unboxing in a few days 8 weeks to relabel  No dedicated staff for the job
  13. 13. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Deleted ~2000 nonfiction books Purchased many new nonfiction books 9800 adult nonfiction books 3600 juvenile nonfiction books New labels
  14. 14. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Hugely positive response from users Better organization and display of materials Improved ‘browseability’ Improved finding for users and staff
  15. 15. SO WHAT HAPPENED? As we relabeled, we changed the catalog records Created ‘shelf locations’ for nonfiction sections  Able to pull stats on each section to see use
  16. 16. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Significant circulation increase  250% increase of nonfiction circ  90% overall circulation increase Biography section increased
  17. 17. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Staff Reactions  Some not on board at first  All on board after seeing the results User Reactions  LOVE IT.
  18. 18. PROS: Better browsing for users Super easy to shelf read Super easy to find things Helped us hone and define our nonfiction collection
  19. 19. CONS: Some additional work for ordering Some additional work for cataloging Where do we stuff donations?
  20. 20. NEXT STEPS: FICTON  Already done a pilot with paperbacks Choose genres Cross genre authors in one place
  21. 21. SO WHAT DO YOU NEED? Weed – remove the deadfall Create or choose your categories Plan for change  All at once?  Parts at a time?
  22. 22. SO WHAT DO YOU NEED? Storage space Lots of labels Lots of label covers Lots of boxes A plan for keeping things organized
  23. 23. GETTING BUY IN Field trips to libraries Propose a pilot project Share success stories you hear  Us, Anythink!, Maricopa County Arizona
  24. 24. BUT WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY! Yes. We have. But it’s time to try new things Teaching Dewey in schools?
  25. 25. QUESTIONS? Please ask!
  26. 26. THANK YOU! Jezmynne Dene, MLIS Portneuf District Library Chubbuck, Idaho 83202